The Power of a Concert Memento
January 7, 2014
Sari Delmar in Advice from the Experts, Branding, Concert, Developing a Strategy, Live Music

A ticket stub does so much more than just admitting you into an event. A ticket stub is a filled with memories, emotions and, if you’re lucky, your favourite singer’s autograph. Just one glance at that flimsy piece of paper, and the flood gates are opened. You are submerged in a pool of memories, like which song the band opened with, the moment you made eye contact with the guitarist, the hoarseness of your throat from screaming along with the lyrics, and how, for a couple hours, nothing else mattered in the world. That flimsy piece of paper can become a prized possession. 
A memento is a keepsake or a souvenir of remembrance, and almost anything can be turned into a memento. It is so important for bands and artists to give fans a chance to take home with them something that will remind them of why your performance was the best ever, and why they should go see you perform next time you’re in town. 
So what can you offer your fan as a memento? Merch is always a great option as long as you have something available for every budget. Then there’s always the setlist. Write out a couple tracks and make sure the person vibing out the most gets it. Throw out your picks and drumsticks. Hand out digital download cards of your single. Take along some of your tour posters and have them available for your fans to grab. Get creative! And of course, always make yourself available to autograph these mementos and get a few photos snapped.  
Trust us when we say a concert memento is important. After all, we do have a board in the office filled with the different mementos we’ve collected over the years. 


Written by Audio Blood Intern, Katie Woods

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