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The Power Of Promotion: How To Get Your Band's Name Out There

What does it take for your band to gain success? Some will say talent, others may say hard work and determination, but though all those things can help, the real secret to gaining success is promoting and advertising. Face it: there are thousands of amazing artists out there with raw talent and catchy riffs, but if they lack in advertising then they might as well be nothing to the rest of the world. So how does one promote? Here we narrow it down to the most essential tips to help you find your target audience.

Connect and Interact Through Social Media

Easily one of the best ways to achieve a following and success is at the tips of your fingers. That’s right, it’s your phone. Thanks to modern technology, you have access to the whole world via social media. You may want to avoid Facebook as it can be a hole to fall into, with so many other bands competing for space, while sites like Twitter and Instagram are a great way to share your music and connect with an audience. Staying consistent on social media will also show that you’re here to stay, and will make your band appear more professional and appealing to your fans. You should, however, avoid posting too many updates as it will annoy your followers and could lead them away.

Collaborate with Others

Collaborating with other artists and companies has been a successfully proven way to gain recognition. When you work with another artist, you’re not only helping them, but they’re also helping you by introducing your band to their own audience. It’s a win-win for both side. Also, let’s not forget how important it is to team up with white label SEO companies too. They can assist in developing your brand and growing your business.

Join Music Sites

Sites like YouTube have helped a countless number of bands in the past and continue to do so. Nevertheless, there are many other networks that focus solely on music and can be a great tool for advertising. Here is a list of beneficial sites:

  • ·         Soundcloud
  • ·         Bandcamp
  • ·         Spotify
  • ·         Play Live Shows

What should be an obvious solution but is often dismissed is getting out there and playing for a live audience. Many bands become too involved in growing their online business that they forget why they started in the first place. Never underestimate the power of a live show. It not only helps you to practice your skills, but it’s another way to interact with people, this time offline. Make sure that you are booking gigs at clubs and venues where you know you can reach a large crowd. Sometimes opening for bigger acts will pave the way for more opportunities for your band. Make friends with the other bands and don’t be afraid to talk to the people in the crowd. Remember, you’re trying to grow a business so there’s no such thing as being a shy salesman. Networking with these bands can provide another form of digital advertising for your group. Look into opportunities to write a guest blog post for another band’s blog, as this can help direct some of their fans to your music. Both bands stand to benefit from this.

Now that we’ve established the foundation to building your band’s career, it’s important to point out that though not every band makes it, the key tips to getting there is consistency. Don’t give up and keep pushing forward. Being in the music business is hard work, but like any business, with enough advertising you can reach your goals.

The Power Of Promotion: How To Get Your Band's Name Out There

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