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Top 3 Time Management Tips For Musicians

Whether you’re a solo artist or with a band, the amount of tasks you have to fulfill can be overwhelming. The act of making music is just one part of the music industry and just because you are a musician doesn’t mean you don’t have other obligations. It may be hard to find time to get all your tasks done while also making a business out of your music.

We’ve put together three time management tips for musicians!

Planning is Key

Mapping out your time is essential for effective time management. Your plan should include things like goals and deadlines, your marketing plan on a weekly or monthly basis, and your content schedule for social media.

Set aside time to make planning a priority so you have time to think of all the tasks you have to do and you aren’t interrupted.

Prioritize What You Want First

It’s important to understand that not all your tasks hold the same weight. You need to take a look at all the tasks you need to do and determine which ones are most aligned with your goals and do them first. By doing the important tasks first, you will reduce the amount of stress of handling other tasks later on.

It’s also important to carve out a time for deep focusing while doing these tasks because then you won’t feel like you are procrastinating. So, put away anything that may disrupt your attention span.

Make sure you work around your energy so you are more productive when doing the  important tasks. Pay attention to your energy patterns and plan your workflow around it.

Get Help and Outsource

There are many tasks that artists can do to outsource, they don’t always to have to everything by themselves. If you need help with certain things such as building a website or even photography, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Top 3 Time Management Tips For Musicians

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