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Where is Live Music Going?

Over time we have seen many different music products offering us everything for sharing music to a store to streaming. Each service has had its merit and with the industry in the exciting times that it is they have pushed the industry forward. There is no doubt that since the start of the century the music revolution has been in full swing, old sales channels have been bulldozed out of the way by the new players. Technologists and music enthusiasts have found new innovative ways to create, record and deliver content. This is a understandable trend that is likely to continue as consumer demand new ways in which to consume the music they love. 


We now find ourself entering a new phase however, technology has done two major things, it has given us the devices to consume music anywhere in great quality and more importantly opened up distribution channels. This has meant that any artist can get started and instantly be able to connect and deliver their music to a global fan base. These tools are only the beginning and over time will continue to see artists play a larger role in the distribution and management of their catalog something that only a label would be able to do in the past. This is not to say that the labels are going anywhere, on the contrary they do offer artists great resources and as they innovate and change with the industry will continue to play a big role. 


With all the current music distribution products their seems to be a distinct lack in anything truly dedicated to Live Music. Over the last 10 years we have seen a dramatic shift in revenues moving to live and a huge rise in the Live industry. I genuinely believe nothing beats a Live recording, it makes you feel that bit closer and you really hear the personality and emotion from the artist. Live tours and performances give you the tingles up the spine. But what if you could not just get a live recording but the one from the show you attended? This got us thinking and we decided what was needed was a platform that artists could use to upload and manage their live recordings in a store dedicated to Live. Artists could upload the professional recording directly out of the sound desk or pro tools rig and within minutes fans could download it. Yes MINUTES! We worked hard to ensure that the technology would allow an artist to upload and have the concert available before fans even left the venue. 


With that Live Tunes was born. We are in a public BETA phase but initial reactions seem positive. If  Your interested in joining the new wave of digital music check it out at the address below and lets RELIVE THE LIVE!!!!

Rich Allen

Co Founder | Live Tunes Store

Reader Comments (2)

First off, I love this idea!
I'm actually not a big fan of live albums. When it comes to the live sound, I rather would have been there myself than listen to some other guy's experience.
I can, however, recall several instances after a live performance when I've thought to myself, "I wish I could have recorded this!"
I think is an excellent idea not only for those who are live album fans, but music fans like myself. Just wanted to throw some props your way. =]

One more thing... I have some thoughts I wanted to share with you about one of your statements...

"This is a understandable trend that is likely to continue as consumer demand new ways in which to consume the music they love."

I don't think consumers are demanding new ways to consume music. In fact, I'd say it's the industry's attempt to monetize the listening experience in every way possible; the industry demands it.
Labels and artists alike need to make a profit (in some cases just a mere living would be enough) With the ever increasing losses from traditional music sales (CDs, digital downloads) they're getting as creative as possible to fill the void. Since the options are out there, consumers are just trying them out to see which provides them with the best experience.

March 5 | Unregistered CommenterNaima

I agree with you in saying that nothing beats a live music recording! Love your idea. Thanks for sharing.

March 11 | Unregistered CommenterLauren

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