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Why the New Music Seminar Matters a.k.a. A Love Letter to Tom Silverman

I just got back from the New Music Seminar in Chicago, where I participated as a player. 

The New Music Seminar is an extraordinary and important event. 

Why? Because Tom Silverman gets it. 

Tom gets that right now industry vets have gone from being effective experts who understood how to effectively produce hits and make money in the music business are now scratching their heads asking “what do we do now?”

in the worst case scenario, these vets are nothing more than dinosaurs.
In the best case scenario we are architects and builders of the “new” Music Business

We have just started building a huge cathedral with spires, flying buttress, archivolts, trefoils, gables, porches, transepts, cloisters and chapels… It’s a huge job and we are all approaching this together brick-by-brick.  

As someone who has toiled for 16 years trying to make a difference for independent artists, it feels incredibly validating to be heard and understood by a legend in the music business. 

What Tom is trying to do is crack the code. 

His arsenal is all of us, his players, who work day in and day out with artists trying to move the needle, make an impact and create new blueprints that we will all follow for future cathedrals and skyscrapers and eventually powerful towering cities. 

Tom, thanks for inviting me.  I’m delighted to be among your troublemakers, rabble rousers and upstarts, I’m in whole hog and I won’t stop until we all make a difference for artists that we serve.  

Love, Ariel

Come to the next New Music seminar and participate in the critical discussions of what needs to happen now and next  

Reader Comments (2)


I really enjoyed your panel at the seminar--good to have someone down to earth as opposed to the, "you can buy the featured space on the homepage of youtube" guy.

October 12 | Unregistered CommenterTim

The New Music Seminar in Chicago was a great experience. Glad to see that something like this exists in the first place, even better to see it happen in my home town ;)

I posted coverage of the event here.

October 15 | Unregistered Commenterrefe

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