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2 chainz mixed with Kendrick Lamar

I find it hard to understand why people constantly want to be entertained all the time. One of my former teachers said, “we have enough entertainment for a lifetime.” But the thing is, its not just entertainment, its ignorant entertainment that we choose to be consumed by within the hip-hop world. Before I sound like I’m trying to sound “above that” or “unbothered by that”, I LOVE ignorant entertainment just as much as the next person. I love 2 chainz and French Montana who, lets be honest , don’t really have anything to say in most of their hit singles. However, they are talented artists who keep people like me and maybe even you entertained when you want to just let loose and not have to think about lyrics or an actual song. Once again On the contrary, this is detrimentally problematic when the present generation cares nothing about challenging themselves as individuals, but only singing along to basic lyrics while hearing a nice catchy beat in the background. This is why I feel artists like Kendrick Lamar, and even Joey Badass need to be recognized and appreciated more without carrying the stigma of being “uncool” because they have more to say than the usual  expected, gucci accessories, large backsides, and marijuana. As a person of color, I am extremely bothered by the hip-hop world because it plays such an important factor in the way people of color are looked at and it also happens to be one of my favorite types of music, but we have to realize it’s deeper than the music nowadays. The hip-hop world is a culture that simply isn’t teaching the way it should or could be…

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