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Heartbreak that 808

On Wednesday, Kanye West released his fourth album and there was a lot of hype around it. First of all, it is virtually impossible to Google a copy of the album cover unless it is from a reputable site; and second of all, the album did not leak out into the media before the release date. At this day in age this is a feat of technology! Has Kanye beats these odds, or does he truly have the respect he deserves in the music Industry?

He is the artist that people don't know weather to love or hate; although not everyone enjoys Kanye's crazy media antics, such as the recent incident at L.A.X. where he allegedly attacked a photographer, people still cannot help, but, hear him out - in his music, of course. With his haute Couture lyrics and his child like 'I'm going to take what's mine' demeanor, Kanye has captured the essence of Jay-Z's famous line in 'The Black Album': "First I have they ear/ now I have they hearts...” hence the title of Kanye's recent release: '808s and Heartbreak'. 

This Album is ground breaking, 808 earth shaking, and heartbreaking! The production is not what Kanye usually releases - there are no samples! Instead, it is extremely heavy on the bass and heavy on the synthesizer. This is the first change that people will notice from his recent work. The second and equally noticeable feature of this album is that Kanye sings all his lyrics! Likable or not, there are changes to his style that are definitely groundbreaking.

With the sound of that great 808 drum, Kanye Sings to his audience. He is not necessarily the most beautiful singer and he does not try to woo us with his beautifully technical vocal styling. Instead, he does something powerful: He pours his heart out to his fans, and in ‘Pinocchio Story’, a recording of a live freestyle performance on stage in Singapore, he wonders what it is like to be a “Real Boy”. This song is sure change ones view of the Talented Mr. West.

For those who are searching for musical supremacy, and cannot seem to find it in this 808s and Heartbreak, please remember that since Kanye West made extreme changes to his musical style, It is only customary to do him the mutual respect and not judge his new album against his previous work; especially in this day and age when the world around us, as we know it, is undergoing extreme change as well.

Zuriel Garcia lives and works out of Red Deer, Alberta; and in his spare time he writes articles for small publications and enters literature writing contests and goes to the University of Calgary (at red Deer Collage). As a literary writer, he truly believes in his work and would love to have his articles published on a regular basis. 


Reader Comments (5)

This is the first Kanye album I've actually considered listening to...

November 29 | Unregistered CommenterClayton Drake

Ha! what rubbish.

The songs that i've heard are cheesy autotuned crap. - faceless, cliched, boring, crap.. and most of all 'heartless'

December 1 | Registered CommenterLuke Echo

the earnst-ness on this site is bloody pathetic at times.
please remember that since Kanye West made extreme changes to his musical style, It is only customary to do him the mutual respect and not judge his new album against his previous work

jesus what is this schlock sentimdental fanboydom? Kanye West deserves to be slated for subjecting me to his purile crap. he si a self obsessed meglomaniac. and to be honest I do not get what all the fuss is about.

December 1 | Registered CommenterLuke Echo

This post does NOT BELONG HERE.

I haven't heard the album and this is NOT a rant against the artist - but as a regular reader of MTT, who comes back seeking more of the thought provoking content that the posts and comments consistently embody, this post is actually intellectually insulting - so melodramatic that it seems rather likely marketing dribble from West's machine.

Please contribute when you have something pertinent to say about the music business, not hype an artist. You profess to be an author - you should know the first rule is know (and respect) your audience. This is Music THINK Tank...

December 2 | Unregistered CommenterDg.

That is hilarious: "Please don't judge this album too much since he changed his writing techniques and is now playing instruments." I wish someone would say that about my latest crappy work! I'm sure my intentions were just as noble as Kanye's, but at least I know how to adjust my Autotune settings so they're not jumping all over the place.

March 24 | Unregistered CommenterAdam

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