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For the fans, by the fans...are fan driven private concerts the next big movement?

There are many entrepreneurs who are working on the next frontier of filtering great music to the world through technology.  The industry is currently awaiting the release of the 'silver bullet' technology that can dissect good from great music and the relativity of that music by user group and then geographic preference. While this is bound to be on the horizon there has to be a means that every world class musician can develop a sustainable business making great music by bonding with their true fans.  

Why Private Concerts?  Private concerts started when music was first on the scene back in the days the Kings and Queens utilized their free time bringing in the top musicians from their town to perform private concerts for them and their friends.  The best musicians back in the 1700's would be summoned to the castles to play for a group of elite socialites that the only reason to come to the castle, other then to fufil the request from the King, was to listen to the best music in that given region.  After these private concerts, these musicians where considered royalty by the guests (fans) and continued to be considered, and paid, as the top entertainment of those times.   

What's Changed?  We all know that history tends to repeat itself and with all the options the internet provides the circle is reversing where world class musicians are making a living playing for those 'fans' that are already lovers of their music and have seen them play private concerts.  These private concerts are driven by fans, for fans and the movement has been unstoppable and could possibly be the next big thing in developing and sustaining a life making music.  What's changed is that fans have become desperate for relationships. Fans may not know it with all of the distractions present to them in these times, but the facts remain that people want to be apart of something 'special' and being a driver of one of their favorite artists career is driving an empowerment never seen since the early 1700's.

How is it happening?  Some of the smartest world class artists are enlisting their top fans to create, drive and promote private concerts to bring all of their friends (and future friends like them) to a common venue to listen and get to know them as people first and then as artists.  The time before and after these private concerts is creating the bond for life that every musician dreams about.  These fans turn from loving the music they deliver to doing whatever it takes to move the artists career along and cut through the clutter...and in some cases silently being the driving force behind a successful music career.

The blocking and tackling of these private concerts by lead fans is what once again proves the power of individuals passion for music and, just as important,  to be apart of a movement.  By signing up to be the 'lead' fan and contacting friends to fill a venue they have in essence given themselves to the artist.  The artist in turn maintains a relationship with the lead fan and those that he or she brings with them and that team forms the foundation of their future.  

This movement is happening and those that embrace it just may be able to carve out a fan base to sustain their careers for life.  In some cases it may make the difference between trying to find another job doing something they have to do to make ends meet and becoming the next household name.  The key is in the approach and goals as a musician.  If they set out to be something great measured by charts and polls the odds are sorely against them.  If their primary goal is to make and play great music first for those that love what they do their message and music will spread by way of a movement.  Fan movements, driven by Private Concerts, could just be the next breakthrough to enable world class musicians to continue to realize their dreams.  

Andy Malloy is a passionate music lover whose sole passion is to help world class musicians realize their calling via face to face fan relationships. He can be reached at 


Reader Comments (1)

It's been going on for a while, but people are starting to not be so ashamed of it. Some of the money these guys make for a private show can be $500,000 or more. Not bad for a day's work. :) has some names which might surprise you.

December 9 | Unregistered CommenterDavid Hooper

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