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Could SURRGE be a successful model for the future?

SURRGE, still in its beta form, is a music discovery site with a cash reward. You sign up, find music, recommend it, and if someone buys music you refer, you get paid. You can use the $$ to buy more music on the site or have it transferred to your bank account.

How successful will the site be remains to be seen, but could this model be a game changer? Could the motivation of cash generate a reliable new network of filters that effectively pull good music to the surface?

A quick scan of the hip hop most popular shows a mix of fairly underground artists and a few unknowns (at least to me). Lil’ Wayne is not on there. Neither is T.I..

The idea of rewards-for-refers is not brand new. Amie St has been doing this for years…but you get credit. Not cash.

One of the most challenging parts of reinventing the music industry is effectively leveling the playing field so that more great acts get heard more often and actually have a profitable career. One of most successful ways for this to happen is effective filters.

Could we see a new career spring up of people who get paid directly through each single recommendation?

Definitely a site/model to watch.


Alex Beguin is a writer and lyricist. He is working on helping emerging artists organize, grow and connect. He writes for Adesso Means Now

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