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We set AIG's logo on fire!!!

It’s Heron Demarco folks.

Some of you may be familiar with my posts in the past. There are those who agree with my points of view while there are those that don’t.

My band and I, Silent Disorder recently released our debut EP entitled Everything Burns and the concept of the album is based on the idea of letting go of old ideas and “baggage” that hinder one’s potential.

Our current economic crisis can only be blamed on two things: greed and excess.
It is greed that has decimated society’s logic, ruined families, and left a generation in tatters.

Hope and faith is about all we can hold on to during these trying times.

The vile stench of fear pollutes the streets of NY as well as the rest of the world. I have seen the faces of the jobless and war beaten. I know them, I hear their stories and only a soulless fuck couldn’t feel their pain.

With that being said, the night I discovered the good folks at AIG handed out 200 million in bonuses (of tax payers money) to their people I was infuriated, disgusted, and a little ashamed. There are families living in huts and these people still have the gall to justify their stance. Amazing!

Therefore as a stand against the greed and corruption that has set us back to an economic time unheard of since the Great Depression…


You may view the image here: protest against any company that puts greed before the needs of the people. (Ironically I am a part of an industry that is synonymous with that mindset.)

It was a decision my band mates and I wrestled with. We all spoke about the risks, and the potential backlash, but in the end we chose to make a statement.

We spent our life savings putting this album together. Everything we had. For we told ourselves that it was gonna be all or nothing

Feel free to download our album as well:

I realize now more than ever what Bob Dylan meant when he said….”When you ain’t got got nothing to lose”

So many artists, and people are afraid to take a stand. Take a risk, and shake things up.
If nothing else we did it our way.


Heron Demarco

Emcee/producer/guitarist of Silent Disorder

Reader Comments (1)

Id' just like to add that I was recently informed that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac's execs are receiving bonuses now.

Upwards of 200 million. Wow! Yet still some people ask us why we burned AIG's logo.

Read up on the story here

I'm not an artist just for the sake of impressing some people, snatching up wads of cash, or having loads of groupies. I'm here to make a statement damn it! WTF do you stand for?

April 3 | Unregistered CommenterHeronDemarco

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