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When I’m Mobile and Radio Paradise launch first-ever mobile internet radio website

New York, NY – July 31, 2009… Mobile web design and development concern When I’m Mobile, and leading internet radio station Radio Paradise, have joined together to launch Radio Paradise Mobile on July 6, 2009. The first internet radio station website designed for a mobile phone web browser, the site is fully optimized for all mobile devices. When I’m Mobile principle Jonathan Thaler says that “The Radio Paradise Mobile website is highly interactive and preserves almost all the functionality of the main website, enhancing and spreading Radio Paradise’s community focus”.

Radio Paradise Mobile is a groundbreaking accomplishment in mobile web design and internet radio. “You can’t expect people to navigate a site designed for a 19” computer monitor on a tiny Blackberry screen without getting very annoyed with someone — most likely the company whose site they’re looking at,” states Radio Paradise founder Bill Goldsmith. More inclusive and democratic than a mobile phone “app”, automatically detects which device is being used, whether it’s a computer, iPhone, Palm, Blackberry or any other web-enabled mobile device, and presents the appropriate version of the site. Users needn’t remember a second web address; the site is accessed and optimized using the same address as the main site.Once accessed, users are able to navigate easily to the same Radio Paradise stream as on their computers.Users are able to comment on and rate songs, view the live playlist, get more information about the music being played, post in the Radio Paradise forums, and can purchase the music playing on the station through directly from their device.With the launch of Radio Paradise Mobile, the station has become the biggest mobile portal to Amazon across any industry, with tens of thousands of click-through purchase links for users of the Radio Paradise mobile experience. The mobile website content is also seamlessly integrated into the Radio Paradise iPhone app, drawing content from the RP Mobile site to enhance the app’s performance.Explaining his decision to work with When I’m Mobile, Bill Goldsmith says that “Jonathan understands the intricacies of providing a good user experience on a wide variety of devices — probably better than anyone else in the field.”



A pioneer in the field of the mobile web user experience, When I’m Mobile was launched by Jonathan Thaler in 2008 to enable organizations to present their web experience on mobile devices.Mr. Thaler, a long time systems developer on Wall Street, left his job during the Recession of 2007 to focus on the mobile web user experience.When I’m Mobile is pushing the boundaries of mobile web design by better exploiting the capabilities of the phones being used, including audio and video.A When I’m Mobile optimized site will load faster and present cleaner than a comparable non-mobile optimized site, and is fully integrated with the main computer site, reducing the need to duplicate content and maintenance.In addition, data interaction between the mobile and main site allows for the main site to be updated through a mobile device and vice versa.

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Located in Paradise, California, Radio Paradise is one of the most popular and best known online radio stations.With a strong reputation for eclectic programming, independence, and pioneering technology, Radio Paradise is a highly successful user supported internet radio station.The site was founded in 2000 by Bill Goldsmith and Rebecca Goldsmith and has since blossomed into a vibrant online community with over 30,000 registered users from across the world who rate, comment on, and post about music on the Radio Paradise forums.

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sorry in advance about the insult I am about to hurl.

nobody is going to read this much text. can't you think of an engaging story to tell around this launch, or at least cut the paragraphs down in size. ouch!

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