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Indie Artists Using Email

If you want to cover this topic in detail, it requires thousands of words; I don’t, and won’t bother. Email is too deep a system, with twists and turns not only from a technical perspective but also etiquette.

 Let’s put spam aside with this one note: Email should never be used to contact a person about what you are doing without the recipient requesting it. It may be used for initial contact, though, if the message is one sentence asking for permission to contact in the future and plainly states, “Unless your response is ‘yes’ I won’t contact you again.”

Putting out an email blast to names that you’ve gathered from a variety of sources is SPAM. You don’t like getting unsolicited emails anymore than the person who gets one about your music or gig dates.


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2014 MelodyFusion.Com Band Gear Give Away

Hello Al! It’s back, it’s free, and it’s bigger and better then ever. MelodyFusion’s 2014 Band Gear Give Away is back with way more chances to win (over 14 winners this year and mini give-aways every month starting in April).

Yay, another “Band Gear Give-Away”!

The last “Band Gear Give-Away” was such a great success that we’re doing it again! It is really simple to play: you are automatically entered if/when you join Melody Fusion. By promoting your music and gigs or discovering and reviewing other’s tracks, you automatically stack up entries.Think of it this way - MelodyFusion is helping you, help yourself, by offering such a nice GRAND PRIZE to promote your tunes or find and listen to new music…it’s ALL FREE!

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The Art of the Mixtape: A-Z Breakdown

The Art of the Mixtape. In this new music era mixtapes are a huge part of the hip-hop and r&b genre. Recently, I’ve seen and heard a lot of questions posed about mixtapes through word of mouth, blogs and social networking platforms. Questions like what’s the difference between an album and mixtape? And, why do rappers release mixtapes? The truth is there is no one reason but these days as far as the fan is concerned most albums are basically free albums.

 Here’s my quick A-Z Breakdown. In the old days, a mixtape was a DJ mix where DJs would not only showcase their work, but also break new records and they often re-mixed songs and mix matched popular vocals to beats from other popular current hits.

Fast-forward to todays fast pace consumers demand market. In order to understand the mixtape you have to understand the recording process. To mass-produce, distribute and market an album on a national, let alone a worldwide level, it takes a boatload of money. Someone has to foot the bill. Before a label, distributor, sponsor or investor puts up this kind of money; they need to believe on paper they will see a return in their investment.

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Electrosonic is an innovative and original musical project

PAST PRESENT FUTURE… And… finally… Electrosonic’s brand new album: an innovative and captivating project, sound that blends energy and atmosphere, rock and electronic music. Our unreleased tracks get straight to the point, able to fascinate people and convey emotions. A band that wants to leave a mark in creative music and entertainment and that can involve you.
Electrosonic is an innovative, original and captivating musical project and also is a different way to perceive music. The idea of electronic music blends to live music and the live show is a melting of video projection and music. We can give you emotions in different ways, a straight and multi-sensorial channel between band and audience.

In 2013 the band entered national compilations and some of their songs of their brand new album Past Present Future has been broadcasted from hundreds of Italian and foreign radios, reaching good results, approval and interest. Electrosonic has been mentioned in the magazines “Muzi Kult” and “Ente Friuli per il Mondo”. The band also reached remarkable position in the “Indie Music Like” national ranking.

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Grading Pono: How is Neil Young's new music concept faring?

Neil Young’s career has spanned nearly half a century, from songwriting to rocking, to filmmaking and environmental causes. Now he is trying his hand at technology, and in doing so, he is taking on the music industry as we know it.

Inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame not once but twice, Neil Young is a cultural force. As the visionary of Pono he took his star power, connections, and money to get the product off the ground. His passion seems real. Now he serves as the leader of the movement, with a business behind him.

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New iPhone and iPad app for chords

Scale Chords is the name of a new iOS app that shows all the chords in every possible mode.
These chords can be played with high quality piano sounds.
A great tool for composers, singer-songwriters, musicians and anyone that’s interested in the fundamentals of the music we listen everyday.
Check it out in the App Store
Mar112014 Launches Free Digital Solution for Songwriters to Manage Split Sheets and Copyrights

NY, NY—Today, SongSplits Solutions LLC announced the launch of SongSplits 2.0, the free digital split sheet solution for songwriters to manage copyrights in real-time. As the world’s first cloud-based split sheet, SongSplits is a simple and universal process for global songwriters to declare and validate their ownership of created works and ease the friction in licensing music. 2.0, the free real-time technology for songwriters manages, verifies, confirms and communicates their song’s ownership declarations online and in print. Additional user features include online music catalog and contact management.

SongSplits’ simple process aids in the reduction of delayed and/or forfeited royalties by songwriters and music publishers due to their inability to confirm and/or demonstrate ownership interest in songs. As global copyright laws and revisions are being considered, the use of the Company’s technology can minimize orphaned works and copyright disputes as copyright data is digitally managed by the creator.

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5 Social Media Secrets for Indie Musicians

Today, social media is the cornerstone of your music career. It’s what lets you stay in touch with your fans and easily notify them with exciting news. With all the social media guides out there, you’d think no one remembers one of the key behavioral aspects to being human - socializing. I know, it’s hard to find a balance between social and promotional - afterall, you still need to sell your show or record. Here’s 10 secrets to help you find that social media balance.

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Promote Your Music Online With WordPress or Squarespace

As a musician, you’re looking for a way to showcase your your talent to as many people as possible.  But how do you go about doing that?

In today’s world, you have to go online.  And one of the best ways to do that is to build a website.  When building your site, you really have two options available to you.

WordPress is the most popular platform and is used by many well-known musicians.  The Rolling Stones, Katy Perry and Jay-Z are just a few who have chosen the platform.

The best thing about WordPress is it’s cheap, easy to use, and extremely powerful.  There’s no shortage of themes and plugins that you can use to build in any features you want.

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5 Ways To Promote Your Music

You’ve done the hard part - you’ve created your own music that you’re proud of and want to share with the world.  After hundreds of hours writing, practising, recording, mixing, and editing - your tunes are ready to go.  But, have you thought about the next step?  How are you going to promote your music beyond your immediate fan base to start getting that all important exposure?

We’ve put together 5 ways to promote your music in the digital age.  Hopefully these will help you take your music to the next level, so jump in and see what works for you:

1. Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms, and in particular Facebook, allow you to get a new audience listening to your music quickly and cost effectively.  You can use Facebook Ads to target people interested in similar artists to you, whilst excluding your current fans.  This allows you to generate a new fan base quickly and relatively cheaply.

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Royalty Fraud

From cheating managers and promotors to IRS issues and straight up financial mismanagement, there are many reasons the list of music legends who have lost it all is a long one.  David Acosta, CPA is an expert in helping music artists navigate and protect themselves from the financial downside of the music industry. Here’s what he has to say regarding royalty fraud.

How does royalty fraud happen?

There are many variables when it comes to royalty distribution and the calculation of rates. It is an extremely complex and controversial process.  Not only do rates vary by type (CDs, digital, streaming, television and film, video games) but the calculation of royalties is different for songwriters, publishers and the recording artist. As Courtney Love pointed out in her letter to music artists, “Record companies also reduce royalties by “forgetting” to report sales figures, miscalculating royalties and by preventing artists from auditing record company books.”

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Dealing With Band Disputes

It’s not exactly a secret that bands end up arguing. Musical history is littered with members going at it and ripping a group apart, much to the dismay of their fans. Whether it’s the Gallagher brothers having another punch-up or the lead singer sleeping with the bassist’s girlfriend, there is a lot of scope for fights to break out. They’re usually awful for everyone involved and can kill a good band dead before they even get started. Luckily, after being in a number of bands fraught with arguments and fights, I’ve got a few tips to help things go as smoothly as possible.

Take Your Money Seriously

Depending on where you are in your career will obviously affect how much money you’re dealing with, but you’d be surprised just how bad a fight can get over £20. In the end, sharing money, no matter how much, between a few different people is all about trust. If that’s ever broken, you can bet the band won’t last much longer after that. So, to make sure you don’t have any problems, get on top of it all straight away.

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How To Build A Superfan

OK - so recently you might have heard a lot of people saying that you need to be on social media “Engaging” with your fans… …but the mission of this lesson is really to show what on earth that means, the practical steps of how you can do it each day, and the benefit it’s going to have for your music promotion.

First off…WHY Should You Even Bother?

This is a question that was also bouncing in and out of my head for a while until I discovered “Check Move Theory”. This concept tells us that the more positive interaction (or “Check Moves”) fans take with the artist, the closer the connection will be… …and that will ultimately lead to more support, whether that be financial or just help with promotion bringing in new fans by word of mouth. I think this is an especially powerful idea for musicians because it means we don’t have to hammer the fanbase with slightly cheesy sales messages anymore, and can just focus on putting out super-duper stuff that they WANT to interact with.

It All Starts With CAPTURE

Or in other words, get a smart phone and press record a lot… …because often you can entertain your gang by just bringing them into your world, and making content based around what you’re already doing. The way this might look for a band on the road is that each member would be documenting the wild ride from their own point of view and posting it to Dropbox, and then the social media dude edits all the best bits for posting.

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Building a Band Website in 2014: What Matters Now?

I’m not going to focus on the platforms too much (there are enough comprehensive Bandcamp vs. Bandzoogle vs. Music Glue vs. Wordpress posts already written), but I will briefly touch on some of the benefits of each, and talk about which one I’d choose.


So before we go into that, what should bands focus on when creating a website?


Responsive - in 2014, your website must be responsive, meaning that it looks good on mobile and tablet devices. At Venture Harbour, we have access to a large amount of website performance data for music companies and labels (and their artists), and we’ve noticed almost all of our client’s websites surpass 23% of their traffic coming from mobile devices. In a few cases, some music companies are now seeing over 50% of their web traffic coming from mobile devices.

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