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Music Think Tank Open

Anybody (no really anybody) can contribute anything relevant to this page…All mp3s should be posted on the MTT radio page. If you cannot find your post here, your article may have been moved to the MTT homepage.

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So Now Spotify is The Enemy?

We are in a day where the choice is yours. No one is obligated in using particular services or products. Believe it or not I own no Apple products. I was given a 4gb iPod shuffle as a gift one year. I lost it about a month or two later. I went out, bought an 8gb memory card, loaded up my blackberry with music and never looked back. Sure the commercials and other marketing campaigns for Apple looked and continues to be great, but at the end of the day I have a choice. I say this to say, I don’t understand why artists & music industry personnel continue to lash out at Spotify. As I tweeted earlier today, if a download is .99, how much do you expect to get from a stream? That’s not Spotify’s fault. They didn’t create streaming, they just created a great model to capitalize off it.

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Artists: Respect Your Fans

Yes…I am an artist. But in addition to that, yes…I am a FAN of music. I wouldn’t even consider trying to become an artist if my love for music wasn’t there. I still go crazy when I hear someone like Ghostface or Rakim on stage live, rocking out their classic songs. I still enjoy taking the time to listen to albums, giving my undivided attention and reading the liner notes. Even if I wasn’t an artist, I would forever be a fan of music that feeds the soul.

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Who really gives a shit?

I have never made the connection between ‘making a living from’ and ‘making music’. To me, making music is making art, art cannot be relied on, art is volatile. When it is not, it is mundane. And mundane shifts in vast quantities. But so does the other stuff, the volatile stuff.

I hate the music industry because it is an industry obsessed with youth (i am a youth and i still hate it), it is not possible to grow old gracefully.

The music industry is like this wining child. It’s an immature, baby of an industry.

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Stormy Weather: Does Cloud Computing have a license to kill the music industry?

Piracy was what the (now dormant) SOPA bill was all about, and was never far from anyone’s lips at MIDEM this year. But bored of the same tired arguments against piratebay, bittorent sites and the infamous Megaupload, the industry has turned its attention to those who actually do stay on the right side of the law

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EDM: How It Can Benefit The Music Industry

Swedish House Mafia sold out Madison Square Garden in less than 10 minutes. Ultra Music Festival sold out within 20 minutes of pre-ticket sales. It’s more than safe to say djs are this generation’s rock stars sending EDM barreling through this world in the same manner as a freight train lacking brakes- full steam ahead with no stopping in sight. In a recent interview, Diplo said “I know one thing — the major labels, the A&Rs, are very frightened now.” This info comes as no surprise since executives are the first to cry injustice, music and otherwise. Rather than create an imaginary war or take on the ever so popular victim role, music executives should think, “What can EDM do for me?”.

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JENX Studio Trailer

Check out the new studio trailer for the forthcoming JENX Album: Enuma Elish.

After a 1st EP and an album on Massacre Records, the French Indus Metal band returns with 11 devastating tracks.

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Twitter: @jenxnoise




President Obama’s Spotify playlist (Unofficial Hip-Hop Version)

So as most of you heard Obama joined Spotify and he has a playlist.. Yawns..One of the most interesting things about the Playlist is it doesn’t contain one Hip-Hop song.
Interesting enough, I don’t Vote so who am I to talk? I wonder if Chris Hughes from Facebook is still running his internet campaign? This would probably explain the lack there of.
Politics is cool and we all know Barack isn’t on Spotify, but Mr. Prez how could you do this to us lol.. Am I suppose to believe that a man who eats fried chicken and plays basketball at the Oval office actually listens to REO Speedwagon and Dierks Bentley? Right…
Anyway, I decided to give you the playlist that Barack didn’t want us to hear..

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"Are you engaged?" from BRASH! A Music Marketing Blog

Getting involved with your following

When I speak of being engaged, in a Marketing perspective it doesn’t mean to “Put a ring on it”. As we all know, you can be engaged with people by becoming involved whether its in a business aspect or a relationship.  As an artist, you should want to have engaging conversations with your fans, interested media outlets, and industry professionals.  This will help you to expand your brand and exposure in the industry.

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The musical force that is Ozric Tentacles. 

As a mastering engineer I listen to a lot of music, I love my work, it’s what I do with my life and I have no regrets whatsoever. However at the end of the day I need to rest and being a music lover it causes the dilemma of what music to listen to. When I work the listening is both with an ear for the artistic elements of the music and the purely technical as I make decisions on the tone to ensure the music translates well to all reproduction systems.But for relaxing I tend to like a fairly wide range of genres but there is only one band of which I can truly call myself a fan. Ozric Tentacles have helped my mind calm down after a days work in the studio for a the best part of 2 years. After a 10 year period of having the CD’s on the shelf I started to listen to their music again and I am so pleased I did.I first encountered them back in 1990 in a record shop in Camden Town London. Intrigued by the colorful CD/Vinyl artwork and even more colorful sounds that was the start of what was to be a very long musical listening journey.

The band was born of the festival circuit way back in the early 1980’s and they have had a rich and interesting path of growth since then. It is said that the bands name was invented when discussing potential names for fictitious breakfast cereals.With 28 albums under their belt they are a very long running band. The line up has changed numerous times with members coming and going but the core values remain the same. Uncompromising musicianship, excitement and a listen like nothing you have ever heard before. Still gigging, still releasing albums and still gaining respect and new open ears. Ozrics have certainly been successful with their music despite keeping control of exactly the sound they wanted. A true underground band that has preserved their values whilst navigating the music industry.

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The Tale of Two Clubs : BETA


My name is David Cavan Fraser,  I’m an emerging artist from Ontario, Canada.  I’ve played over 1000 paid shows and made a decent living playing music full-time.  I think the debate about “give you music away online” vs. “we gotta monetize it” is beyond me right now.   I sell my CDs at my shows for $20 each, and make about $100 on average a week from CD sales and about 12 times that on average from live performances.  I’ve made about $100 TOTAL from Itunes.  So I consider the live show the reason I can sustain a full-time career. 

I’d like to PAUSE on the debate about online file-sharing and promoting yourself through social media and focus on the good old live gig.  Live music venues are becoming more rare and paying less and less (some even make you pay for the “privilege” of playing for them.  I feel like THIS regression has killed the opportunity music business more than any other factor (internet, the bad economy etc. etc.)

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Musicians Guide To LinkedIn - LinkedIn Marketing Strategy (part 2)

If you haven’t already gone through part 1 of the series, go read this first: Marketing with LinkedIn - Harnessing The Full Power of LinkedIn. Now let’s pick back up with some LinkedIn Marketing Strategy: 2) How to use LinkedIn Groups (a very powerful, one of the most powerful social media channels) effectively. 3) How to drive free traffic from pre-qualified, interested leads to your website, music pages, and sales pages.

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Why People Buy or DON'T Buy Music

With much debate surrounding streaming services and file-sharing sites, I brainstormed reasons why people still buy music in 2012. Although scarcity is a factor, it was omitted because theoretically once music is digitized it is vulnerable to mass sharing. Also, although there are many opinions about the overall quality of music being unworthy of purchase these days, but I believe that goes without saying.

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iHeartRadio is the future of radio

People have been speculating for the last several years on the future of radio, and I think Clear Channel has found the answer with IHeartRadio. IHeartRadio allows it’s users to listen to over 850 local radio stations from across the country and around the world. Yes, local radio which means you can still listen to your favorite morning show.

It does what Siri/XM and Pandora have failed to do by combining great local programming with the digital customization that music consumers have grown accustomed to. The mobile app is currently available for download on Android, Blackberry, Window and Apple phones.

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Music Publishing Contracts

There are many artist out there that know what a music publishing company does but are not familiar with what types of contracts or agreements they offer. Below I will describe the type of agreements you can enter into with a music publisher, and what these agreements mean.

There are 7 standard agreements you are going to come across when you decide to go into contract with a music publisher. The list is as follows:

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