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Music Think Tank Open

Anybody (no really anybody) can contribute anything relevant to this page…All mp3s should be posted on the MTT radio page. If you cannot find your post here, your article may have been moved to the MTT homepage.

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Biz: Why You Need Musicians Insurance (Pt.1 of 2)

Life as a professional musician these days often means being self-sufficient, self-sustaining, and self-employed. You may throughout your career work with different bands, be signed to different labels, or work for different companies that help shape the story you tell. One thing that you may not consider until you’ve started to develop your career is the importance of musicians insurance. Whether you’re a band on the road, a studio owner, or a private lesson instructor, several levels of musicians insurance can help ensure that your livelihood is protected.

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The Future of Music Coalition Looks to the Past to Understand How Musicians Make Money [Part I, Interview]

Whether or not you’re a musician, over the past ten years or so there have been incredible shifts in the music industry.  It wasn’t very long ago that you probably didn’t buy your music over the Internet, or have the ability to listen to any song you wanted to hear with a couple touches of the button, or if you were a musician have an incredible range of tools to promote and record yourself that weren’t ridiculously expensive.  All these changes have been welcomed thus giving greater opportunities to musicians and their fans alike to create and consume music.

While it seems these opportunities are being taken advantage of, how do we know these opportunities are leading musicians to a fruitful life of creating and living off of their art?  In music circles, we often hear about the “middle class musician” and how much easier it is to be a musician today than it was 15 or more years ago.  Yet, most of the evidence backing these claims in anecdotal and does not give a complete picture to the changing landscape in the music industry.

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Birmingham Recording Studio

I set up a London recording studio business almost 10 years ago and have worked with thousands of musicians in that time, something I consider to be a real privilege. Recently I have been looking at opening a recording studio in Birmingham, it makes sense from a business point of view because Birmingham has a very vibrant music community.

The introduction of a Birmingham recording studio to our company is exciting but I am very keen to get the right producer on board. After years of producing I think I know what musicians want from a recording studio but I see a great opportunity in asking you guys what you consider important.

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Desitara: The Search For Talent Continues

There are a lot of people around the world who are immensely talented in one or the other form of art. However there are very few platforms for these individuals to exhibit their talent. is a talent portal that has come as a boon for all talented individuals around the world. is one of fastest growing talent portals in the world. It offers a platform for individuals to exhibit their talent to the whole world.

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Overcoming nervousness (PART 1)

It’s fifteen minutes before your scheduled time to sing. Your palms become sweaty. Your throat tightens up and gets dry. Your lips flex uncontrollably. Your whole body shakes in a convulsive manner. When you finally stand up to sing, you open your mouth, but no sound comes out!  Then, when you eventually get the sounds out, you forget all your lyrics.

What we just described is a singer overcome by an acute bout of nervousness. All of us have been nervous to some degree, either BEFORE we sing or DURING the performance.

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Let's get real about streaming!

Okay streaming is here and very soon Joe + Jane Doe consumer will know all about it. The majority, as some predict, are honest and will subscribe to a service paying a minimal monthly fee. And they’ll love how cheap music is for them to get. 

But who gets the money? Labels and songwriters are the beneficiaries of the royalties paid, but it hardly compares to revenue generated from sales. And what about Johnny and Jeannie who are the non-writing part of the band and get two points each from the group’s record deal? They are screwed! 



R.E.M. wrote the book on music and activism, and have tirelessly protected human rights, the environment, and supported those who needed it. To honor this rich history of great music and activism, Air Traffic Control (ATC) is collecting donations for an R.E.M. Fund through the end of October here:

ATC will work with R.E.M. to give the donations to some of the great organizations the band has worked with over the years. We will also pass along well-wishes and messages with the donation list to the band. All donations are tax-deductible. Make a donation online here: or mail checks made out to Air Traffic Control: 1475 15th Street San Francisco, CA 94103

If you want to tweet or post, here is some language: 

Please Share: Celebrate R.E.M.’s long history of great music & activism by making a donation to the #REMfund

About ATC: Air Traffic Control (ATC) helps musicians play an effective, unique and vital role in the promotion of social justice. Musicians and managers established ATC five years ago to assemble an experienced and trusted team of leaders, resources and tools that would help them to create more effective social change collaborations with each other and social justice organizations. As a result, ATC became an artists’ air traffic control—one that develops capacity, efficiency, and coordination to produce stronger and more creative social change collaborations. For more information about ATC, please go to


The Fame Formula

There are several secret ingredients to making a star shine and sparkle. A lot goes into defining and sculpting the X Factor that ultimately is the key to making them stand out so big and bold. We all know by now that it’s not an overnight thing. It’s a complete recipe and leaving out even one ingredient, or adding them at the wrong time – and the formula won’t work.

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Rockin' in the New World: Taking Your Band from the Basement to the Big Time"

Ok, there’s a bit of hype here since this is the title of my new book, but it really is a special book and addresses issues bands face in today’s changing industry. Those of you who know me, understand it’s not a vanity piece about me, instead, just like I did with TCG, it is a platform for helping artists, fostering the arts.

The letters I’m getting from kids in bands testify that it has hit it’s mark head on! 

We never had any resource written by people who, other than being lawyers or academics, actually were veterans of the industry. Martin Atkins’ Tour-Smart is the ultimate guerilla touring guide for today, Jim and Jean Youngs’ book from the 70s had interviews with an assortment of people in the industry including me as cocky a 24 year old manager. RNW includes today’s bands, the websites, the labels, DIY, Indies staff, and pages of resources. 

Check it out, it’s already in public libraries and receiving accolades. We need to support and nurture young artists as they are the future of our industry


Soundiron Bamboo Stick Ensemble Review

Soundiron’s newly updated “Bamboo Stick Ensemble” packs a real punch by not only offering percussive samples, but also a plethora of ambiences, drones and effects.

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Stem mastering vs Stereo 2 track mastering

Stem mastering is a different method of mastering audio which traditionally uses the stereo 2 track mixdown files. There is some confusion surrounding stem mastering as it appears to be akin to mixing, however this is not the case. Stem mastering utilizes groups of instruments such as bass, guitars, vocals, drums, synths, brass section etc. The mastering engineer requires these groups of instrumentation to successfully perform stem mastering. Stem mastering allows the engineer extra flexibility when adjustments are being made to the overall sound of the music. the goal is still based on ensuring your music translates as good as is possible to as many sound reproduction systems as possible.

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try the free beta of Kollector, a realtime worldwide radiobroadcasts tracking system

free beta on

Kollector is an online application telling in REAL TIME when (date and hour) and where (country, radio station’s name) a specific song is played on radio. The end result is then displayed and detailled with several lists, diagrams and graphics, allowing for important groundbreaking possibilities in the management of musical repertoires FOR ALL IN THE MUSIC COMMUNITY.



  • Tracking of albums/single airplays and discover trends before it’s gone public.

  • Follow-up of promotions.

  • Planning of tours and evaluate the potential of regional markets.

  • Immediate feedback on efficiency of singles.

  • Comparative watch.

  • Realtime vital and worldwide datas that can be shared with partners.

  • Help forecast airplay royalties for publishers and collecting societies.

Discover the new opportunities of realtime online airplay tracking and try the free Beta version on


The Bastards Of The Digital Age

*bastard in a non derogatory way and in no relation to the old meaning of the word

“New technologies have revolutionised our lives, undercutting established norms and upending industries. It’s in these periods of uncertainty that true innovators revel… this next generation of creative minds is keen to recreate the country in its own image: inspired, individual, artistic.”
David Annand

What we need are radicals keen to re-imagine the creation and distribution of their art.

Many artists still think the internet isn’t all that special, that the internet is effectively just Facebook, Twitter and a nice looking wesbite. A bastard of the digital age is an artist who takes advantage of what is presented to them right now, to do something new. There will be no shortage of those people who only do something because everybody else is already doing it, but there will always be a shortage of bastards – the innovators on the outside – burrowing their way in for the explosion.

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Top 9 Song Pitching Platforms

Many musicians fail to achieve success in the music industry due to lack of “follow through”. The simple act of following through on a few crucial things can make all the difference.

Going round in circles

I used to lack follow through. I’d write song after song but rarely send it to anyone in the industry. Was it laziness, fear of rejection or simply being too focused on my next musical creation? Too be honest I don’t know, but whatever the answer, the non action resulted in stagnation of my music career without me even realising it. I was busy writing songs, working hard and pushing forward, but in reality I was simply going round in circles.

I now view music “creation” as a form of preparation and nothing more. The real job is to send my work to the industry and get their thoughts and literally expose my music more. Shifting my focus in this way means I am able to follow through with each song I write.

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