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A 1-Step Plan To Getting Your Music Reviewed

It’s strange how the artistic collides with the commercial in dark rooms and deep intentions. It’s not a case of convincing them; even the most profound - in the sharpest sense - of musicians sometimes yearn for wider stages, longer pauses, crunchier insight.

The point, though, is that you should yearn for that insight. I own a publication called By Volume. We receive hundreds of submissions every week from bands who, entirely understandably, want more people to hear their music.

There’s no shame in this - if you’re proud of your music, why in hell’s name would you not want to spread it? - but there is shame in the way that some people go about it.

This is not a 5-step solution. It’s not even got 3 steps. It’s a simple sentence. If you want music writers to listen to you and write music reviews about you:

write a sentence about your band generally, a short sentence about your sound, include a lyric if appropriate, include a comparison, and include a youtube video

Do that and we’ll get on fine.

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