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A Music Conference in the Netherlands Wants to Change the Way We Think About Music 

OK, so we’ve all heard about the impending end of the music industry brought about by piracy. We’ve also been privy to the industry’s reaction, which took the form of PIPA/SOPA and more recently, ACTA. It’s clear how these measures might benefit a few established labels, but how does this help amateur musicians trying to make a living off their music?

A young team of music enthusiasts decided to tackle these issues by organising an event centred on the future of music distribution, which will take place in Maastricht, the Netherlands. The conference is titled M3 Event and set to take place on Friday, the 1st of June, 2012.

Some of most forward thinking minds and operators in the industry will highlight some promising new ideas and areas which can be improved upon. A series of lectures, panels and creative workshops aim to answer some basic questions:

- How is it possible for musicians to profit from the online distribution of music?

- What will the future bring for live music in the age of the Internet & Web 2.0?

- Should actions with music for non-commercial purposes be subject to legal sanctions?

- To what extent has the advent of immaterial forms of music altered the listener’s experience?

- What are the limitations of a virtual representation of a local music scene?

For more information, interesting articles and updates check out M3 Event on facebook:

or visit M3 Event at

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