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A Pocket Revolution For Musicians Seeking Musicians

The future of a million unknown bands begins today with the launch of
VAMPR, a new iOS app designed to connect musicians of all genres with like-minded collaborators in any city around the world.

VAMPR is a social network with unique privacy provisions that allows musicians to build a personal profile in sound and vision in a few quick taps. If another user likes what they hear, they swipe and wait to see if the feeling is mutual.

“The goal,” says Melbourne musician and VAMPR mastermind Josh Simons, “is to demolish the first entry barrier to working in the modern music industry: making contact with the people you need to realise your vision.”

“Whether you’re a bedroom strummer ready to reach out and find your tribe or a hardened professional gearing up in a new city, VAMPR is a demo tape, show-reel and database rolled into one.”

VAMPR’s inspired profile-generator crunches your Facebook “likes” in a few milliseconds to construct a detailed portrait of your musical tastes. In two more taps, you link to your YouTube and SoundCloud recordings to present your best work to prospective collaborators.

“Every aspect of your profile can be edited at any time,” Simons explains. “When a potential contact appears on your screen, you get to check out their look and sound in-app, before you swipe back and set up your first jam session.”

UK-born Josh Simons has the business of music in his blood. His grandfather signed Tom Jones, countless other household names and ran Universal Music, now the world’s largest recorded music conglomerate.

His indie-pop project Buchanan released two albums between 2013 and 2016, enjoying high rotation on Triple J, clocking over 1 million streams on Spotify, 400,000 on YouTube and 160,000 on SoundCloud. Then Josh experienced a frustration common to all musicians: how to reach beyond his immediate circle to find the right players to take his music to the world.

VAMPR was established in partnership with esteemed Melbourne musician, producer and technological entrepreneur Baz Palmer, best known as guitarist with iconic Aussie band Hunters and Collectors, and co-founder of live music portal SoundHalo and social video start-up, Kombie.

VAMPR is available as a free download from iTunes’ app store at


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