Amplage: 0.5 Facebook - Passive Consumption.
October 18, 2012
Nicholas Di Lorenzo in Blogs, Media, Social Media, mailing list, social media, social media for musicians

Hey readers, I know this might not be best fitting to a music technology blog however I think it is necessary I annoyingly voice my opinions and thoughts on this new manner of passive consumption I have found in the complex of Facebook. Being that I freelance in a media saturated industry I do my best to keep in touch with as much online journalism in the music industry as I can.

I would love to quickly tell you about facebook interest lists. Something that has been around for a while but only been taking advantage of recently. I find that it is a great way to consolidate multiple media streams and categorize them as well as find new ones. Very simply put it’s a lazy way to get multiple streams of information to yourself without having to move out of the one hub constantly.

For a musician or anyone who works in the industry this is a great way to keep on top of current affairs in the industry and how people are working amongst each other.


These are some of the few lists I have subscribed to and very much enjoyed for quite a while now.

Indie Music Blogs

Music Technology

Media News

And here is one I have made which I have been using since this discovery of “Interest Lists”.

Music Bloggers & Writers

Thanks for listening.





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