Amplage: 0.7 Push Your Music 2/4: The Blogosphere
November 5, 2012
Nicholas Di Lorenzo in DIY Promotion, blogger, music blog

The blogosphere although a more aged form of an internet influence is one that still holds its purpose on the internet ecosystem.

Why pushing your music into the blogosphere will help.

1. They have an audience. Pushing your music towards blogs with engaged readers and commenters can do a world of good for not only getting your music through to a larger audience but in a day and age where everything can be “liked” for facebook, there is a strong chance your blogged content can leak into the feeds of many people over facebook.

2. The Voice. Many commentators have said web 2.0 has given birth for the user to voice and be the authoritative voice and mediator of information on the internet. Whilst this rings true to some extent, the absurdly large amount of voices out there many people are now reverting to follow, subscribe and seek information from mediated outlets online such as blogs.

3. Bloggers Blog Bloggers. Whilst many blogs try to find a dig on the latest, newest and most unique story if something is being hyped up. Something is catching audiences, more often than not blogs will get on the bandwagon.

Author Biography

Nicholas Di Lorenzo.

Having worked throughout Australia and mainly Melbourne with bands, in studio and many different artists I have come to learn the different approaches musicians take on their journey.
I try to implement as much of these into my own thinking and analyses of the music industry and how independent and signed musicians fit into the system.
I have created the Amplage newsletter solely to voice my thoughts and ideas.

Last 4 years throughout Australia.
Big Bands
Education: Bachelor of Arts in Music Industry at RMIT Melbourne University.

Freelance Studio Engineer and producer
Session Drummer

Currently in the progress of writing an EP with Ben Calleja for release next year.

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