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Amplage: 0.8 Push Your Music 3/4: Magazines & Print Media

Magazines & Print Media

This will play a very important role in any publicity campaign for and up and coming release. 

Even though many people think that people are consuming a lot of information from the internet print media still plays a very VERY important role in the agregation of information to the public. Having a solid unique press kit and professionally getting in contact with journalists, writers & editors of local, niche music and larger print media will start you off well.

Keeping all your interactions documented with these people and following up your enquiries will go a long way. If you can get your work into some form of print media it’ll help any campaign quite a lot. Think of it as a second target market that is recieving information about your music. You have the internet which is accesible by nearly everyone! then you have your local print media which is read by the people who are closest and will be the building blocks to launching your music career. 

The thing we must always keep in mind is whilst it is great to get your online following, interactions and influence through the roof these cyber fans, some more often than not will not have the locality to come to your shows or buy your album from a local record store. The people who do go to your shows are your key to pushing your music forward. HENCE the importance of local print media.

Same can be said about NICHE MUSIC media. If you’re a prog band and you have a guitar magazine raving about your lead guitarists technique this is another target audience you can exploit for the benifit of your music.

With what has been said I think it’s important and an integral part to the launch of any music album, tours etc. that print media is not overlooked.


Author Biography

Nicholas Di Lorenzo.

Having worked throughout Australia and mainly Melbourne with bands, in studio and many different artists I have come to learn the different approaches musicians take on their journey.
I try to implement as much of these into my own thinking and analyses of the music industry and how independent and signed musicians fit into the system.
I have created the Amplage newsletter solely to voice my thoughts and ideas.

Last 4 years throughout Australia.
Big Bands
Education: Bachelor of Arts in Music Industry at RMIT Melbourne University.

Freelance Studio Engineer and producer
Session Drummer

Currently in the progress of writing an EP with Ben Calleja for release next year.

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