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Amplify your music career with cover gigs


Upcoming bands can sign up to Alive Network Entertainment Agency and earn some serious cash from cover gigs – helping to fund the creation of their own material in between.
Alive Network is an online platform designed to help bands and musicians make a living from doing what they love – performing live music.  Some of the party bands currently backed by the platform are clearing over £100,000 a year from playing function gigs; giving them the financial freedom to work on their original records during the week.



There is a real uprising of unsigned bands in the UK and the country is full of talent yet to be discovered.  Record label development deals are pretty much a thing of the past - and so finding a way to fund your own development costs is a necessity. 

A march forward with the Alive Network is one way  a band can generate enough cash to stay within the heart of the music industry, instead of losing interest/hope and stepping down into a life of ordinary employment. 

Paying-your-dues and grafting away at gigs is one of the most talked about routes to musical success and for good reason.  With a packed touring schedule of function gigs bringing in extra revenue for the band, that grind becomes a whole lot easier from a financial perspective.  Supported by the income you generate from function gigs, you can afford to play more original gigs, spend more time in decent recording studios, pay for better quality promo, buy in professional PR and plugging services - and invest fully in your own music.

Nationwide gigging in a function band is a great way to get out there and meet people. Playing events from weddings to corporate awards shows can put you in touch with some influential people - and the experience of entertaining an audience night after night can really help when it comes to performing your own music.

Aside from your own hard graft, the Alive Network promotes your cover band heavily on its website - with news feeds, blogs and media coverage featuring prominently on the site, the band’s talent can be showcased to a massive online audience.

Plus, you receive your own dedicated profile page online.  Here, party planners and event organisers can book your function band after reviewing your set list, demos, bio, reviews and more.

Whether you see it as a first step into the money-making side of the music industry or simply as an opportunity to promote your talent from a bigger stage, the Alive Network, is definitely worth a look.

 Author bio

Dave is Owner / Director Alive Network Entertainment Agency, Alive HQ Recording Studios and Released Alive (UK Management for Pierre Bensusan) and he loves his job. 

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Amplify your music career with cover gigs

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