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An Artist-Friendly Way to Share and Sell Your Music

If you’re on this website, that means you’re interested in new ways that music can be shared on the internet. With that in mind, I’d like to introduce, a new music social network and marketplace where artists can share and sell their music, connect with fans and other musicians, and find a home on the web.

On Hearo, artists can upload any original music (formatted correctly, as outlined in our FAQ here:, and make it available to the public for purchase, as a free download, or as stream-only. Prices for purchasable music are set by the artist, who receives 90% of the proceeds (a more favorable ratio than many other online vendors). We set these artist-friendly guidelines because our mission is to support artists and create an environment in which they can actually make a living. To that end, we also promote our site’s users on our Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr pages, and have live artist showcases (such as in our home city, Philadelphia, and at SXSW).


We also strive to create a community where artists can find each other for mutual appreciation and possibly collaboration. In addition to an on-site messaging system, our innovative map feature allows for users to find peers near them (or in a city they may be visiting). It’s just part of our desire to create a true online home for artists, not just a place to put their music (although it’s good for that too).


Though we are new to the scene, we already have thousands of users across the world, and from every genre imaginable. Artists such as rapper Davon, new wave band The Foreign Resort, and indie rockers Autopilot have found a home at Hearo, and a teammate in getting their music to more eyes and ears. In addition, we will be expanding Hearo over the coming months to include additional resources for fans simply looking to find new tunes – though we will always keep our promise to be an artist-friendly community.


My name is Matt Rothstein, and I’m the Social Media Marketing Director for If you’d like help promoting your Hearo page or with anything else, email me at mrothstein914 at gmail dot com.

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