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Any suggestions?

Question…most college programs have the typical music degree.  There are a handful of schools that have some level of contemporary music study.  Berklee would not be an option…we’ve talked to too many who recommend against it.  

So, we are thinking UK, 3 yr programs ALL music, not all the intro classes (repeat of HS first 2 yrs!).  what do industry professionals think of vocational programs?  

My thoughts…music producer role will disappear as bands take over that.  Transition is happening rapidly, how do we find a school that is on top of that?  What do your members recommend when any educational discussions arise?

Any suggestions at all would be GREATLY appreciated!!!

Reader Comments (2)

I'm in my final year of a Commercial Music degree at the University of the West of Scotland. Just discovered I am one of 50,000 popular music students in the UK alone. If you're interested in these course, I'd suggest taking a look at the Music Education Directory provided by the BPI. I think is the address.


December 18 | Unregistered CommenterJimmy Richards

What exactly do you want to accomplish with your degree? If you can answer that, that might help you find a school that can help you towards that.
And I agree that the role of the classic music producer will dissipate as bands become more and more independent. However I think that people who actually know their way around a mixing console and who aren't afraid to leave their "professional studio" box will still have a strong presence in the industry.

December 20 | Unregistered CommenterAG

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