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Anything Can Be Accomplished in Life with 3 Things

This is the first chapter of a story that both you (the readers) and I (the author) will have the pleasure of seeing and helping unfold in real time. Here is the basis of the story:

I believe that ANYTHING can be accomplished in life with three things:

1) A vision: my definition of vision is a clear, burning, and unbridled desire manifested in the form of a dream, or a want to become or create something in life. This could be becoming a doctor, a father, the president of the United States, a teacher…whatever.

2) An unwavering belief in oneself. This is self-explanatory

3) A shit load of hard work. Again, self-explanatory

This story begins with me, Zach Maxwell, who has had the vision of being a world-renowned singer, songwriter, performing artist, guitar player and motivational speaker since I was a young lad.

Why is this my vision? Because I believe that I have something to offer people, and that I have something to say. I believe that my soul is here to express my unique flavor of joy, passion, connection to God, the Universe, whatever you want to call it for the sake of helping others experience something greater for themselves as well. Call this arrogance, call it self-confidence, call it what you like. I call it my vision and it’s unwavering.

For the past ten years I have spent thousands of hours, at times, regularly practicing my instruments alone over 8 hours a day; refining, focusing, living and breathing my craft 24/7  to get to a point where I feel I am remarkable enough to offer something of value to people. I will continue to consistently practice my ass off and get better as this story unfolds.

For the past year also, I have been reading a lot on how the music business has changed, and how independent artists have a chance to “make it” in ways that they never could before with a lot of hard work and the technological resources available to us that weren’t available even 5 years ago. I am going to prove it.

Not only am I going to prove it, I’m going to use this blog to transparently share the steps I’m taking, as I’m taking them for all the world to see. This will be my “story.”

Just so we’re clear on what my vision is: My definition of “making it” is becoming world renown. Not being on the cover of People Magazine, not being a tabloid “celebrity,” but being a “world renown” artist…known for making a difference for people with my music and message. Right now I have about 10 fans. A few people, if any are reading this first post. At the end of this story I will prove to millions of people that with a burning desire and vision, a firm and unwavering belief in yourself, and the willingness and integrity to work your fucking ass off for your dreams, ANYTHING is possible. How long it will take? A year, 2 years, 10 years…who knows?

Stay tuned as the story unfolds.

And if you would like to help make this story happen, feel free to comment, share and spread this post to anybody and everybody that you feel would be interested.

Reader Comments (1)

No idea if you can back it up, of course, but certainly audacious and with the courage to go for it publicly - gotta love it so ROCK ON, ZACH!

March 30 | Unregistered CommenterDg.

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