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Are Musicians Using "All" Of Their Creative Talents When Promoting And Marketing?

I was looking at a new Comic Book released by a Major artist the other day,
and started asking myself the question…

Why do so many independent artists limit their online promotional
activities to spamming Facebook and peoples email addresses with links
and postings that simply say: “hey check out my new track!”

Is that really the boundary of their creative marketing ideas?

Somehow I doubt that very much!

Someone who is able to write brilliant song lyrics, or compose and
produce a beautiful piece of music, must surely also have the creative
capacity and other skills and talents in order to think outside of the box
when it comes to trying to get their name out there?

What if an artist were to use some of those other skills,
whether that be drawing, painting, or even needle pointing,
and create / market some other kind of product to a totally different crowd,
would this in turn not result in doors opening that could normally never
even be imagined?

Let’s say “you” are the Music Artist I’m talking about.
You create music first and foremost, but your other talents are
doodling characters, dreaming up movie scenes in your head,
writing short stories…

Who is then stopping you from targeting a totally different consumer,
(people that you will eventually be able to introduce your music to)
and visa versa.

Why not make a list today of all your “other” talents and skills,
and see if you can get your creative and marketing juices flowing.

Meanwhile, be sure to check out this comic book.

It’s a brilliant combination of graphic memoir and self-help guide.

You can download the first chapter for free, and see how the
“Hustler’s Power” transformed this artist from a prison inmate
into the #1 rapper of all time!

Can you guess who it is?

Click here to find out!

(Otherwise cut/paste or enter the following link in your  browser)

Arnold Hugo Stolting runs the Stolting Media Group which produces
and distributes premium quality music and multimedia products
including background music for marketing projects, sound effects
for music, movie and video production, and information products
helpful to the creative entrepreneur.

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