"Are you engaged?" from BRASH! A Music Marketing Blog
February 9, 2012
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Getting involved with your following

When I speak of being engaged, in a Marketing perspective it doesn’t mean to “Put a ring on it”. As we all know, you can be engaged with people by becoming involved whether its in a business aspect or a relationship.  As an artist, you should want to have engaging conversations with your fans, interested media outlets, and industry professionals.  This will help you to expand your brand and exposure in the industry.

Twitter followers, Facebook “likers”, LinkedIn connections are all great ways to start engaging with fans, potential fans, media outlets, etc. Try to spark discussions by stirring conversations about hot topics in pop culture, your new/current projects, as well as other happenings around the world. Although you want them to ultimately take notice of your music, you don’t want to saturate your discussions your projects. This can make your following bored very fast. Take time to read featured content on MSN, Yahoo, and popular blogs to get conversation pieces. Your following will feel that you really care about their views and will appreciate you for providing an outlet to express them.

In addition, you will need to participate in as many blogger posts as you can (starting with BRASH! Of course).  Connect with them on all social networking sites to take advantage of as many engaging conversations as you can.  Not only bloggers can benefit from you joining in on top discussions, media outlets often pose questions for their readers in hopes of their feedback their own marketing purposes. Help encourage that feedback and provide yours as well. This could boost your chances in getting features, reviews, and articles about you and your upcoming projects.

Engaging with your followers will help you to stay relevant during “in between” moments in your career. Networking will be an end result as well, which can be great if you’re the type of artist who doesn’t excel in face to face networking. Don’t just post your thoughts on your timelines, ask your following for theirs and you will be amazed at the responses you will get.

Time to get started…Let’s get engaged!

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