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Are you thinking about Mastering your CD? Get a free sample and mix evaluation this week!

Having a great sounding CD is one of the most important things for the success of your music.  Why do you think all the big labels spend $$ on professional mastering?

This is where I can help.  Although I have 20+ years experience in New York City, working with all the majors along with my Grammy Entry Nominations,  I can help you Sound Your Best and it won’t break the bank with my Indie Friendly Pricing.  But don’t take my word for it, visit my website and see what my Indie Clients are saying!
For the next week, you can take advantage of the free mastering samples using my proprietary Heavy Vinyl™ CD Mastering Techniques with a complementary mix evaluation.  You have not heard mastering until I’ve done one of your songs.   
For the best sound, please use .wav .aif. or .aiff file formats. Don’t put heavy compression, limiting or ‘mastering’ plugins on your mixes because I’ll have no headroom to work with. You can upload mixes here:
I look forward to hearing your music.

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