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A&R's Are All The Same

I usually stay home on Thursday nights, but last week I decided to hop on a train to Mercury Lounge in downtown Manhattan to see a show.

All week I thought about the opportunity to reconnect with the guy I know in Das Racist and see Bad Brilliance for the first time. I had just done an interview with Penguin Prison, who was also on the bill and wanted to show my support in person.

The lounge was sold out; packed with zombies who starred at the stage for three hours, frequently stopping to check their Twitter or text a friend nearby. Both bands that I managed to catch (Das Racist & Penquin Prision) played until they were dripping with sweat in a valiant effort to please the unpleasable.

There were a few diehards in the audience bopping our heads and singing along. The rest of the crowd had either been pulled out against their will or had no idea what they were in for at curtain call. 

Both acts had been featured all over the blogosphere and in traditional media outlets including the New York Times and MTV. Not that those things make you a good band, but its more than most can say. A trusted source tells me the next day that the place was littered with A&R reps, but no one was blown away.

What do you think they were looking for?

The difference in your performance and popularity may vary greatly, but the lesson here is still the same. Some people just won’t get it. Don’t beat yourself up if a drunken fool yells, “You Suck!”, at the end of your next set. Chances are he sucks at his job more than you do. Keep playing. That same loser will say they discovered you way back when.

  Penguin Prison - Something I’m Not



Reader Comments (2)

Enjoyed reading this one. Thanks for posting.

April 14 | Unregistered CommenterShawn

Glad you enjoyed it Shawn. Thanks for reading!

April 14 | Unregistered CommenterKevin English

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