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BandPages Turn Facebook into a Viable Home for Musicians

BandPage Plus Allows Bands to Customize their Facebook Fan Page without any knowledge of HTML

04.05.2010 – RootMusic is proud to announce the launch of BandPage Plus, an extended version of the BandPage Basic tool that launched last month with great success. BandPage Plus enables bands to personalize their BandPage so the look and feel of their Facebook presence matches their music and individual style. By utilizing BandPage Plus musicians can easily create a fan page that includes the option to upload a custom banner and edit the background and text colors via a simple visual editor. 

BandPage Plus is an easy upgrade from BandPage Basic (free version) which when launched last month became the first Facebook application that brings all the content and functionality that fans are looking for into one place, while the band’s music (up to two hours) continues to stream from the integrated SoundCloud media player. Fans are then able to listen to a band’s music while looking at photos and checking out the rest of a profile that incorporates a tour schedule, photos, biography, contact information, Facebook wall, Twitter Feed and streaming music all on the same page – with no cost to the band. 

For $1.99 a month musicians can upgrade to BandPage Plus, which allows bands to create a custom BandPage, without the need to hire a graphic designer. Musicians with no design experience will find it easy to edit the background, banner and text colors of their page through our simple ‘click & customize’ visual editor.

“It’s pretty simple, we asked hundreds of bands what they wanted and that’s exactly what we built,” said J Sider, CEO of RootMusic. “Typically it can cost a thousand dollars or more for a band to hire a graphic design firm, but with BandPage Plus musicians can have a custom design for the price of a cup of coffee – and the best part is they don’t need to know any HTML or code – just what colors they like!”

For more information please visit or to watch the video tutorial of BandPage Plus go to

About RootMusic Inc:
RootMusic Inc. is a collective of musicians, venues, and band managers with a common goal of giving bands of all sizes the resources they need to reach their audience. RootMusic delivers applications, resources, and content designed to give bands and musicians real-world knowledge and a competitive upper-hand. For more information, visit or contact Elliot at

Reader Comments (11)

I've been using Band pages for my Facebook page but I didn't know there was an upgrade option.

Just upgraded.... thanks

There are still a few hicups with the music player

I am glad we have the choice for a Facebook application which can change bands fan pages. So for that i thank you! I have even brought you up in my final year project for music marketing. But still believe if i was going to spend ANY money online other than on my hosting and domain it would not be on any monthly subscription service, unless i was justified to do so.

April 9 | Unregistered CommenterMartinT

1. You don't have to spend the money as there is a free option
2. I feel the same way about spending money as well because I don't have any, lol... but at $1.99 a month... there was no way that I could not upgrade. I'll spend the money with no problem if I find it useful.

I don't really like apps like this...they are overkill in my opinion. Just let Facebook be Facebook! Its what people like and what they're used to....instead direct people to your main website from Facebook using some kind of custom welcome page, that's it. Facebook's core functions like the wall, info, and other tabs are familiar to people, and good at what they do. I think apps like this just add confusion to a familiar platform, and turns people off. Just my opinion, though....I have no facts to base this on. lol.

April 9 | Registered CommenterChris Bracco

I disagree. Have you actually looked at one of the pages? I think it's great to be able to stand out a little in order to promote your music. Why should all the pages have to look exactly the same? People love to customize everything from their phones to their cars. It's human nature.

Add to the fact that the changes are not drastic at all. You can't customize it to Myspace proportions which is good because you don't have to put up with all the crap to get to the music.

@Universal yep, I took a look right after reading the post. I don't know why, but I was turned off by it. I would be more impressed with a band that was able to creatively resemble their brand within the constraints of Facebook's core layout/functions/etc. I like trying to create things within constraints, so I guess that's why I'm a little biased.

April 10 | Registered CommenterChris Bracco

and I'm the exact opposite... I like to totally break away from constraints if at all possible. Lol.

Hahaha. Yeah I guess that makes sense! I checked out your website btw & I was very impressed, cool stuff.

April 15 | Registered CommenterChris Bracco

somebody please help me!

i have seen bands pages on facebook where you cannot access most of the information on the page untill you "like" it ....i cannot figure out for the life of me how to do this will somebody please tell me how to set up this function!!!!

November 22 | Unregistered Commentertheicarusyouth

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