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Being an independant sales dept for today's artists

In todays climate of even the big record companies letting people go-most artists do not have acesss to a fully functioning sales dept that can provide distribution and face to face advocacy for a project-My company Surely Music LLC does just that-Based on the business model of any publicist or radio promoter.  I provide High quality Distribution and marketing info for the life of the project-Current project in the works is the wonderful contempory sounding homage to all things 60’s/ power pop by the Smithereens Drummer - Mr.Dennis Diken with Bell Sound on CryptoVision Records - The cd is titled “Late Music” - it features such performers as Jason Falkner, The Wondermints (Brian Wilson’s Back up Band) and Andy Paley-build up your own label brand with solid advice and a solid distribution network(Select-o-Hits was started as the distribution arm of Sun Records in the 1950’s)

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