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Bottle Up & Go!

Writhing around the filthy stage like a man possessed, lead singer Keenan “Hot Pants” Mitchell of Bottle Up & Go stole the show at this year’s CMJ Music Marathon and Film Festival. I’d heard whispers of these derelicts from other artists and music industry execs, but hadn’t quite bought into the hype until I experienced them for myself.

A few hours before the late October show, I literally bumped into one third of the band at an open bar on Bowery in New York City. We shouted introductions at each other as a large group of unrelated indie musicians played Rock Band over the venue’s shitty sound system.

Stay Thirsty: What are you drinking?

Keenan: I don’t know. What are you doing here?

Stay Thirsty: Came to grab couple of cocktails and interview a few bands.

Keenan: Oh yeah? I’m in a band. Interview me.

The festivities that night included a set of dusty old vendor tables, a crowded massage station, and a make shift hair salon at the back of the artist lounge. Our timely interview began right before Keenan emerged from the barber’s chair with a complimentary hairdo.

Keenan: You like my hair?

Stay Thirsty: Yeah…you look like Eazy-E.

Keenan: Right on. Wait, what?

Stay Thirsty: The rapper from NWA? He had a Jheri Curl.

Keenan: Oh ok. Yeah…I told them I wanted to look as sleazy as possible. More than I usually do.

Photo & Video credit: Bobbi English.

Read the full interview here on Stay Thirsty Media.

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