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Capital City Derby: Brokenmusic And RecordJet Announce Collaboration

- Combining expertise in the fields of music production and music distribution
- New services and exclusive promotions for bands and musicians

The digital music distributor recordJet and the young Berlin-based technology start-up brokenmusic have announced a joint collaboration. brokenmusic focuses on music and audio production services, while digital distributor recordJet offers bands and musicians the opportunity to sell their music digitally and physically worldwide. “As a Berlin-based start-up, we are particularly proud that a successful, young company like recordJet has placed their trust in us for a joint cooperation. Our work together will mainly focus on the combination of our services”, said Valéry Döhler, founder and managing director of brokenmusic.

“We were very confident in the idea of brokenmusic, because it stops right where recordJet starts. From production to sales, it covers the precise competencies that are needed before distribution. By combining our strengths, we’ll be able to offer our passengers production services together with a professional partner”, commented Jorin Zschiesche, Captain of recordJet, on the young collaboration.

brokenmusic and recordJet’s common goal is to offer musicians the opportunity to concentrate primarily on one thing: making music. The collaboration between brokenmusic and recordJet will make organization of production and subsequent distribution as simple and smooth as possible. In addition, all brokenmusic customers will receive recordJet distribution at particularly competitive prices.

About brokenmusic:
brokenmusic is a Berlin-based technology start-up that wants to completely revolutionize music production. With our digital platform for booking recording studios, we have taken the first step towards simple and efficient music production. Whether home engineering or high-class recording studio, you’ll find the right service with us. Ratings, Sound Bites, price comparisons and an ingenious booking and payment system make your search for the perfect recording studio as easy and exciting as ever. Our platform, co-developed with musicians, offers recording studios and sound engineers the opportunity to acquire an unprecedented number of new customers. Our vision is to become the worldwide leading marketplace for music and media production.

About recordJet:
The digital music distribution platform recordJet allows musicians and labels to sell their music online worldwide. Music uploaded to is added to MP3 stores such as iTunes. From there, the music can be purchased as a download. Unlike other providers, artists receive 100 percent of the proceeds from the digital sale without giving up their rights. A wide range of additional services, such as physical distribution in over 500 stores, CD pressing and professional promotion, make recordJet an all-round service. The company was founded in 2008 to give the German music market a new distribution option that is attractive for unknown musicians and small labels. In April 2010, recordJet went online for German-speaking countries and has continuously expanded its services. Since 2013, recordJet also serves the international market.

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