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May142010 FREE Twitter, Facebook & User Interface App Codes for Musicians



Through a very random string of website links, I somehow ended up on the website of non-profit organization, CASH Music. This group of incredible musicians and individuals believe that technology should never get in the way of promoting, distributing, or enjoying great music. To help bridge the gap for musicians that may not be as tech savvy as Zoe Keating, CASH Music recently released three INCREDIBLE downloads of free php code that musicians can use to make their websites a better experience for their fans. If you don’t have an official website to represent yourself/your band, these free code downloads are an EXCELLENT place to start, in my opinion. Even if you’re official website is just one page, utilizing these codes will make that one page extremely engaging and interesting.

The code that they provide takes care of the most difficult/boring work involved with creating social applications for Twitter and Facebook. After about 6 hours of solid work, I was able to create mini-apps for my band.

To check out some screenshots and detailed info about each app, please head over to my blog, Tight Mix.

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