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Music Think Tank Open

Anybody (no really anybody) can contribute anything relevant to this page…All mp3s should be posted on the MTT radio page. If you cannot find your post here, your article may have been moved to the MTT homepage.

If you would like Music Think Tank to publish your contribution, please read our posting guidelines and our posting advice.

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The X-Factor In Music Uncovered Reveals The Anatomy Of Hit Songs

What makes a great song? A catchy melody? Definitely. Killer lyrics? Possibly. But if you really want to know what helped Mark Ronson shift 14 million copies of Uptown Funk in an age where piracy and streaming rule, research suggests you may have to dig a little deeper.

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Need help winning Joe Bonamassa's Blues Masters Competition

Hello my name is Hollaman Lindsay and I am asking all of you to see if you can possibly aid me in my attempt to win Joe Bonamassa’s Blues Masters Competition. The first round for this contest is based off of viral popularity and how many views and shares your audition video gets, now I aint sayin that I cant generate that many views and shares because I dont have the talent, Its just that I live in Hiram Georgia and we got more stock in rakes then we do computers so its hard for me to find many people around me to support it. So I am inquiring you to see if you can help me get my name out there and get my audition video views and shares because if I can get past this first round and make it to guitar duals I think I got it made in the shade.

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Queen is Britain’s Dream Festival Act, What's Yours?

What is your ultimate festival line-up? A recent competition hosted by a UK ticketing marketplace asked this question and collected 12.5k votes to put together peoples’ ultimate top-20 list.

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They didn’t know (From BRASH! - A Music Marketing Blog)

“They didn’t know how to market me….”

“They didn’t know what to do with me….”

How many times have we heard GREAT artists say this?! Well as for me, I’ve heard it more times than I care to hear anymore. It is important for an artist to be surrounded by the right team that is willing to teams go that extra mile to  push quality artists to the mainstream.  Just because an artist does not fit into a specific mold does not mean that their career has to suffer and miss out on a promising chance. With that being said, artists must be receptive of constructive criticism and understand that they have a team of professionals who are experienced and knowledgeable in their craft.

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What Are The Vegas Odds Of Success On Today’s Major Label Record Deal?

It is a known fact that getting signed to a major record label doesn’t guarantee success for an artist, but the odds greater or lower vs. staying indie? Moses Avalon explores the “Vegas Odds” of the record deal.

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