Competition and Music
April 25, 2012
Chase Smiegs in 2012, indie music marketing, indie musician success, social media for musicians, website

Big-break opportunities are hard to find these days. Well, I guess they always have been… until now maybe. I came across an interesting music startup, albeit in its infancy, but an interesting idea none-the-less. They have taken the battle-of-the-bands model and use it to connect musicians with prizes and fans.

As a perennial aspiring musician, and one with endless amounts of curiosity, I contacted the founders who said that aside from the $500 cash prize up on the site now, many more prizes such as gigs and festival slots would be open for “battle” soon.

I have joined and submitted my music. Call me a techy, or a geek, but I love supporting music-tech start-ups, especially those that support and not extort the indie musicians they are supposedly built to support.

I’m not sure if this model works, but they are built in with all important social media and I think they are out to do good. I’d be very interested to hear other musician’s thoughts the intersection of music and competition. I know that this is a big turn-off for many musicians, although the model has been accepted by main stream media (American Idol, the Voice…).

Are other musicians out there open to battling it out? The site is - I’d love to hear some thoughts as well as anyother cool tech-music start-ups that can help me get views, get plays and get paid! Holla!

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