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Creation Over Promotion

Every independent artist in today’s music business has the same question. When will the right person hear my music? The problem with this way of thinking is the fact that you have now set your focus on pleasing someone that could ‘potentially’ help you out, rather than focusing on the creation and production of new music. Musicians are supposed to create new music to stimulate the fans interest, but in today’s market every band and record label has the focus set towards publicizing the already created music.

            If fans want to hear the old music you had made then they will obviously go back and do that based on a song they had enjoyed of yours. Too much time and money is put into the promotion of music these days that you only see new music from a band maybe twice a year if you’re lucky. What the artists need to realize is that they will make more money, create a larger backing, and promotion becomes free through the fan base.

            Here at MusicWithoutLabels, we offer that same FREE promotion idea discussed to help the artist get their name out there so fans buy the music. With Beat-Play comes the first social network radio, in which users will login, activating the radio. Each user will have their own playlist where the friends that they make on Beat-Play will pull new music from to play on their radios. With this, the user has the ability to hear a new song every time you hit next. Once you hear something you like, you then save it to your playlist, to help spread the music. The radio system truly is a great innovation to the business of music promotion, all free.

            With a model like this, it is proven that all the artists will need to do is create new music to spread on the site. This will give the artists more traffic on their site for ad revenue along with the ability to sell their music. Once it is on the site, the rest is up to Beat-Play, allowing the musicians to be musicians. Then, finally pull in the amount of money that is being made off their music, rather than having it taken from them because of promotional costs made by the labels.

Keep Makin’ Music!!!

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Reader Comments (2)

"With Beat-Play comes the first social network radio, in which users will login, activating the radio."

How can you say that with a straight face? If you actually developed this site I find it impossible to believe you're actually unaware of the dozens of competitor sites that exist. You might be the only person to use the specific term "social network radio" but having checked it out, what you do is EXACTLY like more established sites.

Promote yourself based on actual features, the net is WAY too transparent for distortion and hyperbole.

November 4 | Unregistered CommenterJustin Boland

If you are looking for music promotion, the one thing I would like to tell you is ask your customers to write reviews of your music. This will give a good feedback for your music.

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