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Crowdsourcing Live Music

Switchcam, a new music startup, is algorithmically “reconstructing” concerts from fan footage.  Switchcam has created software that takes concert videos from YouTube and syncs them together recreating the event.  The syncing is so exact, that viewers are able to switch views and camera angles enabling the viewer to see the concert from different perspectives.  

Switchcam also has a moment list for every event so that you easily jump to your favorite song if you don’t want to watch the entire concert.  There are literally hundreds of concerts and events on the site, and if you can’t find your favorite artist or show, then you can easily add the event.  

Switchcam is currently in Beta and is looking for feedback from music enthusiasts and artists.  Check it out!


 Muse playing to a massive crowd in 2010

Noah Sidman-Gale is an Ableton lover, world traveler, and most recently an intern at Switchcam.  Noah somehow manages to survive on Ramen while spending his hard earned dollars on live music events to support an ever growing list of “Favorite Artist EVER.”

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I love this site! You have to check out the Snow Patrol set in Melkweg! It's so intimate.

December 14 | Registered CommenterMatt Reed

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