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Death of The Superstar: Fact or Fiction

Are we in the days of witnessing the death of the superstar? I think it’s a pretty decent argument, especially in this individualized society right now. Who’s to say who’s a superstar anymore? If I have a favorite artist, why can’t they be a superstar to me? Or should LMFAO be considered superstars because that dam song is everywhere. No really everywhere, I was at the Universoul Circus this morning and everybody was SHUFFLING.

Do we even need titles like that anymore? Why should I care if you’re a Grammy Award Winner? Honestly your first week sales don’t matter to me. I care about the music first, and it helps if you have an interesting personality, because then I have more reasons to connect with you….artists. Sure we still have the Beyonces and Gagas and Springsteins of the world…wait…do you need to be signed to a major label to be considered a superstar? I’m getting confused for no dam reason and I believe more people will be feeling the same. As the options grow for me to discover and choose who I want to listen to, I will decide based on ME, not a title, award, or ad spot. I don’t need, moreover, I do not want “the machine” trying to force me to I understand that the next great source of income for “superstars” became brand partnerships, but it’s not cool when its overload. And that’s what it has been….overload after overload after overload. In the end I believe people will be more turned off than to those “superstars”, along with future “appointed superstars”, and the “superstar” creators will have yet another issue at hand on why they are failing.

I’m interested in hearing people’s thoughts on this. Do you agree that the superstar as we once have known it is dying out? Do you believe that major labels will continue to create superstars and business will go on as usual? What are your thoughts?


Taurean Casey is President of Music Assistant Now, a New Music Industry company catered to Indie Artists. He can be reached at

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