Desitara: The Search For Talent Continues
October 28, 2011
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There are a lot of people around the world who are immensely talented in one or the other form of art. However there are very few platforms for these individuals to exhibit their talent. is a talent portal that has come as a boon for all talented individuals around the world. is one of fastest growing talent portals in the world. It offers a platform for individuals to exhibit their talent to the whole world.


No matter what your talent Desitara provides a platform for you to showcase your talent. Desitara even organizes various talent related contests all year long where users can participate and showcase their talent and even get an opportunity to win prizes. The Desitara team comes up with new contests every month which include singing, dancing, acting contests etc.


Desitara proves to be an excellent platform for showcasing a talent and propelling oneself to fame. is frequently visited by various casting managers and various individuals from the entertainment, looking for new and talented singers, actors and dancers dancers to cast in their shows and movies. This can prove to be a life altering opportunity for individuals.


There are various contests that are currently being organized by Desitara to find individuals who are immensely talented.


Photo Morphing Contest:

The Photo Morphing Contest is aimed at discovering individuals with the talent to edit pictures. This is a great platform for individuals who have the knack to morph images. The contest is open for everyone from around the world. The winner of the contest wins a brand new Sony handy cam.



Stunt-O-Logy is a contest that is targeted at all the individuals who thrive on adrenaline. It can be anything from skating to moto-cross to skydiving. There are many users around the world who would like to show off their stunts to the whole world and this is a platform for them to exhibit their stunts and also to get the chance to win brand new Samsung galaxy SII. This contest is open for all users from around the world. Upload stunting videos and show off your skills.


French Danse Contest:

This is a contest that is aimed only at the residents of France or french citizens around the world. This contest gives users the opportunity to show their dancing skills to the world. This is an amazing opportunity for french citizens to show off their talent in dancing. It can be the mazurka or the marche or any other form dance. The winner of the French Danse Contest wins a brand new Apple iPhone.


Funny Video Contest:

This is a general contest for everyone around the world, where individuals can upload their funny videos and participate in the contest. It can be anything from a funny fall compilation to a video of you playing with your puppy. The only condition is that the video must be hilariously funny. By participating in the funny video contest, users get an opportunity to win a brand new handy cam.


All these contests are a great platform for individuals to exhibit their talent and get an opportunity win amazing prizes for exhibiting their talent. is not just a talent it is also a social networking sites where users can communicate with each other and share their valuable comments and opinions. Users can also get valuable insights from industry professionals. All in all Desitara is a great site for talented individuals to showcase and talent and pave their way into the entertainment industry.



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