Digital Hustle: 3 Ways To Dominate the Internet with Your Music
June 3, 2013
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Since the mid 2000’s the music industry has shifted drastically over to the internet.  

Things have changed overnight with music sales have shifting from physical copies to mp3 downloads.  

Instead of cd sells at live shows, flash drive & smart phone download cards will now become the authority.

Youtube has already replaced how we usually view our favorite music videos on MTV. 

Instead of radio or magazine being the primary source of learning about new artist’s we now discover new music on internet radio or on music blogs.

There is a huge demand for the unsigned artist to learn how to properly get their music to these new outlets.  Here are 3 functions DIY need to know: music business management, public relations, & social media management.

1.  How to act as your own Business Manager by protecting your investment, branding yourself, researching, & realistically planning your own “Music Marketing Campaign”.

2.  How to act as your own your own Public Relations & Booking Agent by using press releases & newsletter email blasts to get exposure from blogs, DJ’s, mix-tape, & magazine sites.

3.  How to act as your own Social Media Manager by using platforms like Hootsuite to effectively promote your music on facebook, twitter, linkedin, etc.



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