“Direct-to-Fan Live Sessions” via Audiolife and Ustream
October 24, 2009
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The next gen music biz keeps rolling out new opportunities for musicians to creatively pursue new revenue streams: To take advantage of this you need to talk to your fans, ask for ideas, get them involved, interact as much as possible as I mentioned in a previous post. (See Marketing is everything - Let me show you how!)

Here’s a great example of someone who is doing just that:  Internet sensation Coffey Andersen.  Coffey is a hybrid artist.  He uses his soul voice, his country guitar picking, and urban influenced drums to make a unique sound.  This week he launched his “Direct-to-Fan Live Sessions” series.

Coffey is certainly not lacking in direct-to-fan ideas: during the live sessions he will perform original songs and create specially designed merchandise that will be released “real-time” and available for a 24 hour period immediately following the session.

At the end of the week-long series, the content produced during the Live Sessions will be available in a bundle at a one-time only promotional price.

“In my opinion, platforms like Ustream and Audiolife are paving the way for the new music business artist,” added Anderson.

“The question now is: will artists make the shift and tap into their true creativity in order to exploit all of these free services. Everywhere we look there are opportunities. For artists such as myself, this is an exciting time….and I understand that in order to have a music career, now more than ever you must be willing to put in the work, continue to create quality content, and communicate with fans in new, innovative ways.”

You can find out more and see part of the live session video here  You can also catch the next session on Thursday 29th October between 4pm - 7pm PDT

If you have your own examples or personal experiences of how others are using such services to develop direct-to-fan relationships and monitization oportunities please comment below - there are lots of talented musicians and artists out there and most need a helping hand when it comes to the more business or next generation music biz implementation issues.  So if you been there and done it, got the t-shirt, please let’s hear about it!

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