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Dr. Kenneth Love Releases Free Videos For Musicians

Dr. Kenneth Love Releases Free Videos For Musicians
Contact: Dr. Kenneth Love
Dr. Kenneth Love has recently produced and released a series of free instructional business videos on YouTube that may significantly benefit the careers of musicians and recording artists.
(DALLAS, TX) - - April 4, 2012 - - In a major effort to assist musicians and recording artists with advancing their music careers, Dr. Kenneth Love has recently produced and released a series of instructional business videos that may significantly benefit the careers of professional musicians and recording artists.  The video series, which addresses specific subjects not normally covered in the music industry, can benefit musicians and recording artists regardless of their music genre.  Additionally, the videos are available free of charge and can be viewed on Dr. Love’s YouTube channel at
A recording artist himself, Dr. Love holds degrees in both Music Education and Business Marketing.  He is also a former international radio promoter, video promoter, media publicist, and music journalist who served in these capacities for over twenty years before retiring in 2010.  Since retiring, he has returned to the artistry of his music career while now serving in the capacities of overseeing affordable press release distribution for musicians and consultation.
“As always, the music industry continues to exist in a flux of activity, whether for better or worse,” says Dr. Love.  “And as such, artists need to always lean forward, in terms of career progression, as opposed to falling backward as a result of a lack of coherent information,” he says.  “Our first series of videos, which addresses alternative subjects such as the importance of music pools, radio specialty/mix shows, compact disc covers, and shopping malls, are certain to whet the appetites of musical performers.  As such, we are certainly looking forward to their response to the series,” he adds.
For more information regarding Dr. Kenneth Love, visit his websites at and
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