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Ego Vs Identity: Improving Artists' Awareness

We are in the Globalization era. Although its idea is sometimes misleading, it has undoubtedly helped to unify the world, the markets, merge people together and increase the circulation of ideas, languages and popular culture. The key is to unify.

Unify may express wave the same flag, connect different people or have something heterogeneous becoming homogeneous. The risk of a system of unbridled globalization, which is a system of unification and agglomeration without distinction, is conforming to the “herd”, as Nietzsche warned us years ago.

I think there should be always a need to preserve our identity, our essential nature, express ourselves, what we are. That should be a primary need for everyone.

Some of the most tangible aspects and forms in which globalization manifests itself in everyday life are the Internet, advertising, fashion, the expansion of world markets. So it may happen to celebrate hallowen in Italy,  taste Napolean pizza in NYC, and eating Chinese in Naples. All these experiences are very common in today’s world and I think that ultimately improve the quality of our life because they increase the possibilities of choice of an individual.

The watchword is to preserve our identity, while dissolving our ego. I think every human being is unique and that basically we are all artists, in our own small way.

I’m not arguing about Freud’s structural model of the psyche. I’m basically identifying ego with our personality and self-confidence, and identity with awareness: “I’m aware, and I’m aware of my awareness right now, which means I’m self-aware.”

What is the purpose of an artist today? Artists are called to give a vision of the world through their art that is filtered by their own identity and experience. The ultimate goal is express what we have in our subconscious, in our inner self.

I think that in order to express ourselves and change people for good, we are called to reduce our psychological barriers, moral standards and be aware that we are all equal in this world even though each individual is unique, with his/her experience and culture.

Mike Rubini is a talented performer, teacher and composer based in Italy. Rubini strives to make music that moves people to enjoy and experience a wide array of emotions and hope to make an impact in the music scene as an open-minded and innovative musician. Make sure to check out his website and blog.

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