Finding Venues & Booking Gigs with In2ne
May 18, 2012
Derrick Boden in DIY, Gigs, Touring, booking, booking, live gigs, online, venues
Bands want to perform at good venues, and venues want to bring in business by booking great bands, but the relationship between bands and venues is oftentimes strained at best.  This is in part due to the fact that there isn’t a good, central system in place that facilitates communication between the two sides.  In2ne, a new San Diego-based start up, aims to solve this problem for both musicians and music venues. In2ne is a new site that provides musicians with the tools they need to kick start their performing career, all entirely for free.
Joining instantly puts musicians in touch with the rest of the In2ne community - other bands, venues, promoters & booking agents. In2ne is focused on the live music community, and more specifically on getting bands booked.  Whether your band is looking for local gigs or national touring, In2ne’s venue & gig search features are a great place to start.  In2ne’s active database of live music venues is searchable by region, genre and name, and gives do-it-yourself bands a great launchpad for building industry connections.  Each of the thousands of venue listings are tied into a review system that allows members to rate their past experiences and ensure they know what type of business they can expect from one another.
At the heart of In2ne is a gig booking system for bands and venues that is both flexible and streamlined. Creating, posting, applying for and booking gigs is something that musicians and booking agents deal with every day.  In2ne is determined to take the confusion and headache out of the process in order to let music professionals get back to what they do best: putting on great shows.
In2ne also offers a comprehensive online press kit creation feature for bands to showcase themselves to prospective venues.  The resulting press kit is a full resume of the band’s work to-date, along with streaming demo tracks, high quality photos and in-depth biographical info.  Coupled with In2ne’s social networking capabilities, these tools give musicians a great opportunity to kick start their performing careers.
All of In2ne’s features are free and can be found here:
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