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August 6, 2013
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One program to download over 20 million songs – this is what MP3jam’s like. It is a unique app for Windows to search, listen and download music in MP3 format. All downloads are legal and absolutely free – a ‘must-have’ for music fans.
Here are some key features of MP3jam:
#1 Smart music search
MP3jam finds any track, artist or album with 99% accuracy. This is possible thanks to a unique YouTube search algorithm – the invention of MP3jam.
#2 Full albums download
The search results are organized in albums, and there is an option to download entire albums in one click. It takes a few seconds to download tracks and just a minute to download full albums.
#3 High-quality MP3s
MP3jam offers results in highest quality available. You can play and download music at bitrate up to 320 kbps. Inappropriate and low-quality music results are filtered out.
#4 Legal MP3 download
The app searches for music in public access, no torrents, p2p algorithms or pirate sites are used. All MP3s are hosted by YouTube and can be downloaded legally for personal use.
To sum up, Mp3jam is an intuitive and safe audio tool. It is a sort of all-in-one music jukebox that makes MP3 search and download super simple. 
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