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Get new fans on Google Plus

    So you’ve got a great Google Plus profile set up, you have videos and links to your music posted, and you’re connecting with as many music industry professionals as possible.  (If you don’t have a profile, here’s why you should).

 The next logical step is start converting other Google Plus users into rabid online fans of your music. There are two ways to go about this.
     How NOT to get fans on Google+
     The first way is the rather ridiculous method of seeking out other musicians and adding them in the hopes that they will add you back. If this is successful, you will have thousands of “Fans” that really only want to promote their own music, and are probably just as broke as you. While having a bunch of pseudo-fans is great for your ego (Think ReverbNation), converting them over to show attending, album buying groupies is next to impossible.

                                                     The right way to get new fans
     The second method takes a cue from the Myspace sensation
Making April. They sought out other bands that were similar to theirs, and targeted the friends of those groups.

     On Google Plus, you can see who has added a person to their circles. If you are a female country/pop singer that sings a lot of songs about ex-boyfriends, you would do well to start adding Taylor Swift followers to your circles. (You might want to create a circle just for this purpose, such as “Potential Fans.”) When fans of Swift see that you have added them, ideally they will check out your profile to see if they know you. Provided you have made your music and or videos easily accessible, they are likely to add you back.  If you don’t yet have a Google Plus profile set up, now would be a good time to start.  If you could use some help promoting your music on Google Plus, you can check out my blog listed below.

Matt Hundley is a musician and blogger from Gales Creek, Oregon.  He is creative director of and  To find out more about Matt, and to check out his music, visit  

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