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Guide to Making Free Beatz - What to look for

So you have always had a passion for making rap and hip hop beatz. Maybe you are one of those who always have a rhythm or beat pounding in your head. If this is the case, you need to read on as this article will give some tips on how you can take those free beatz that are running over and over in your head and actually turn that into a beat you can play on your Ipod or in your CD player.

There are many ways you can go about making free beatz. You could buy studio time if you have hundreds or thousands of dollars to spend. But I am guessing you don’t. There are also many software programs out there that range from free to hundreds of dollars. I tend to stay away from going the ‘free route’ because it always seems like you spend more time trying to fix bugs and figure out the program than you actually do making beatz. As for making a very large investment in a costly software package? Well, in today’s world, most of us do not have a ton of extra cash to spend on something like this.

There are a couple of other really good options out there though that you could try if your wanting to make free beatz. Most modern keyboards or synthesizers come jam packed with built in beatz and they also give you the option to customize the beatz or construct your own. If you look in the right places, you can find used keyboard at a fair price. There is a pretty steep learning curve though if you decide to go this route. Especially if you have no experience with a keyboard or synth.

I think the best available option is to pick a very reasonable software package that is easy to use, rich in features and of high quality. You can find a few good options out there and you won’t need to spend more than $50 doing it.

I tend to really like a program called Sonic Producer for making free beatz. When you buy the program, you won’t leave your computer for at least 3 hours. Here are just a few of the features it has:

  • 16 track sequencer
  • Hundreds of high quality instruments
  • Individual tone and volume controls
  • Export beatz to mp3
  • Get access to tons of video tutorials

I fell in love with Sonic Producer ever since I got it. I mainly use it to lay down a base beat and then add to it with other my other instruments.

In conclusion, if you really want to make free beatz and have some fun doing it, I would highly recommend giving Sonic Producer a try.

Reader Comments (1)

Wow, I feel dumb. Congrats, man! You played me, for sure.

I think what drew me in was wondering if you'd actually insist on spelling "beats" wrong for the entire article...but then I get to the end, and it turns out this was actually an advertisement for your shitty little program! I do appreciate a good punchline, though.

On a more serious tip, though: if you want to make beats, get online and get some pirated software and learn to use it. There's no reason to waste time on cut-rate imitations when there's almost a dozen fully developed solutions you can steal for free.

November 29 | Unregistered CommenterJustin Boland

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