Has Digital Distribution And Production Had A Positive Impact On The Industry?
July 18, 2013
Jesse Skeens in Digital, Distribution, digital distribution

With the advent of both digital production and distribution methods becoming more popular over the past decade the landscape of music has changed with it.

The question is, has this been a positive one?

The answer to that probably differs according to who you speak to.  For some people it will be seen as a boon allowing more freedom and productivity than what was possible before. Yet others will argue it’s opened the floodgates to a swarm of low quality work diluting music in general in the process.

The Case For

Until a few years after the turn of the century most music was still distributed and produced in a more physical format.  This in turn resulted in a level of cost which was prohibitive for certain individuals to accommodate.

With the relatively cheap cost of digital production more artists are now able to create their art where it might have been impossible before due to economic restraints.

Likewise labels without much capital can distribute mp3s with much less cost than what was required to manufacture CDs or vinyl.

The Case Against

One advantage of the higher cost of the more physical nature of music production and distribution was the barrier to entry.  Due to the higher cost being prohibitive only those willing to generate enough funds were able to play the game.

For some this might sound unfair but for others it’s just one of the hoops required to move forward which in many cases acted as a filter for quality.

Without this cost barrier in place there has been a huge influx of product which doesn’t always meet very good standards.

Which side do you belong to or do you think there is a balance of both truths?

Written but Jesse Skeens who runs Medway Studios, specializing in electronic music mastering, out of London, UK.

Article originally appeared on Music Think Tank (http://www.musicthinktank.com/).
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