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Heads Up: new online Music & Culture magazine with print aesthetic

EyeSeeSound, three DIYers with a love of music and culture, have relaunched as an online Music and Culture magazine with the format and aesthetic of print magazines.

Focussing on independent and DIY bands and artists the magazine, Heads Up, offers an opportunity for music and culture lovers to discover new bands, short films, animations, artists, photographers and designers through a stylish and innovative approach to website design and functionality.

In short, it’s filled with great content and looks great too.

Heads Up will be released monthly, is completely free and is currently 26 pages long. It is viewable on mobile devices (with some limitation on IOS) as well as desktops and fuses the best of print aesthetic and web 2.0 multimedia.

Edition 001: August was recently launched and includes:

Features on Oxford 5-piece post-rockers Spring Offensive and dystopian photographer Kim Holterman

Full band Live Sessions recorded by EyeSeeSound from The Good The Bad and Nathan ‘Flutebox’ Lee

Music by and awareness of: Memory Tapes, Bon Iver, Chapter 24, Koop, Disappears, Kaya, The Megaphonic Thrift, Mi and L’au, tUnE-yArDs and many more.

Fantastic short films and animations including the award winning Alma, the experimental audio video trilogy EnTroPI, the visually exciting and darkly witty Raymond and the slightly surreal situation one protagonist finds themselves in in Sexy Pig

Best of August releases including Luke Temple, Moonface, The Irrepressibles, Male Bonding The Bottletop Band and Super 8

Free EPs and LPs by clownparlour, WWJD, Sharks’ Teeth and Spring Offensive

Classic LPs by Talking Heads, Sufjan Stevens and Miles Davis

and comedy mentions for: Peter Cain, Jim Jeffries and Bill Hicks

The main main website is here: and edition 001: August can be found here:

posted by Jules from EyeSeeSound.

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