HiFi Lessons Joins Indiegogo to Provide Pre-Sale Tickets to Students
June 28, 2013
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                         HiFi Lessons Joins Indiegogo to Provide Pre-Sale Tickets to Students

HiFi Lessons is designed to allow students to take private, live online music lessons from the best teachers the world has to offer.  Our goal is to change the way we learn music and save music education together!

We would like to invite you to help us reach our goal and be apart of the change!  For a limited time only we will be using Indiegogo, a site dedicated to helping projects such as ours, to receive the funding we need to further our project.  For helping us further our project, every supporter will receive their contribution in the form of music lessons at a 10% discount.  It is our hope that we can raise additional money to provide funding to further Hifi Lessons to save the music.

How Indiegogo Works:



We intend to change music forever, and want you to be part of it. Your contribution will get you access to online music lessons at a discounted rate. Depending on the amount of funding you provide, you will get credits to apply on the site, the more you pledge, the longer and more lessons you will get.  

What You Get In Return

The reason we created the HiFi Lessons project was because we recognized all the benefits that music education provides.  We believe that learning music lessons online with a live qualified teachers creates additional benefits that we can provide.


Benefits Of Online Music Lessons With a Live Person

Please help us reach our goal and become apart of the change to save the music! With your contribution you can help make sure the world will have access to amazing music teachers wherever there is an internet connection and a webcam. As schools continue to cut funding for music classes all over the country, we are offering a solution to keep the arts alive!


Even if you can’t contribute, you still can help!

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