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How Do YOU Fit Into Culture? or... Content Marketing: Finding Your Niche 

How Do You Fit Into Culture?

Not your band. 
Not your music. 

The individual behind the music.

You are unique. You have individual tastes, interests, passions, and hobbies. Now… think for a moment. If you were to talk about a diverse subject matter on your blog (
rather than just your music), and in your videos, in your photos, and in your tweets… you can attract an entirely new audience, which you never thought you could have access to.

People search the web to find answers to their questions. Perhaps YOU have the answer they’re looking for! But they’ll never find you if you don’t blog about it. Or tweet it. Or make a video and post in on YouTube.


Examples1. Perhaps you like to cook. 
Well… talk about it and share your knowledge and experiences! 
Did you just whip up a batch of a killer homemade BBQ sauce? Share the recipe on your blog.

2. Are you an origami expert? 
Blog about it! Create some instructional How-To YouTube videos (
with your music playing in the background).

3. Do you have a pet hedgehog?
Cute always wins online.

This is 
Content Marketing
This is 
Inbound Marketing.

 is how you enable potential fans to stumble upon your music… while they’re searching for answers and info in Google Search.

 Now that you’ve enabled fans to discover you… now it’s time to turn the tables and for you to find them! If you want to enable fan-discovery, you need to search the web and dive into conversations surrounding the topics that interest you in your life. You’ll be amazed at who you meet and what they do!

Use Twitter Search. 

Better yet, drill down the results even deeper by using:

Use the extended search option to hyper-locate people discussing keywords surrounding your subject goal.

Search relevant 
Hashtags on Twitter, and then followthe key communicators on the topic… and talk to them! Create conversation and create a new relationship, that’s what being Social is all about.

Use Google Blog Search. Use Technocrati Blog Search. 
Find the blogs who specialize in these topics and start connecting with them!

Open yourself up to a whole new world. Be yourself, share yourself… and communicate with likeminded people! You’ll be blown away at the results. 

Trust me.

Brian Thompson

Thorny Bleeder

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Reader Comments (1)

Ha ha ha! Very good Brian! Made me laugh, anyway. Origami... hedgehog... my potential fans are truly enabled!

June 12 | Registered CommenterTim London

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